[May Point Network] In the tourism industry, there is no fixed salary for tour guides. The income depends on the commission. After receiving the tour, the company will first “pay in advance”. Only after the tour tour ends, can the income be settled, which may make money,...

[Mide Point Network] In the tourism industry, the tour guides do not have a fixed salary. The income depends on the commission. After receiving the tour, the company will first “pay”. Only after the tour tour ends, can the income be settled. This may make money or lose money if the tourists buy There are very few things, this group will be done white, and vice versa can be flat or profitable. Therefore, the most direct result is that vicious competition has arisen, so there are zero group fees and even a group fee. In this regard, Yunnan tourism uses standardization as a means of supervision to improve the overall quality of tourism in Yunnan. At present, the tourism ecology of Yunnan Province is gradually improving, standardized management, and reasonable and orderly competition is taking shape.

Faced with the second entrepreneurial management department

Yunnan is a big tourist province. To become a strong tourism province, there must be some “killers”. The tourism market in Yunnan is very large, and the situation varies widely. If the management department goes to price the products and implements the “guidance price”, it is likely to be unpleasant; the “forced” intervention of the tour guides is completely regulated by the government, and the surface will be very good. But it is impossible to manage all of them. After repeated verification and practice, the government departments put away the "visible hand" and let the "invisible hand" regulate the tourism market. The price of tourism began to be reasonable under the regulation of the market. At this time, the government management department began to implement a reasonable standardization operation in a positive way. The “visible hand” began to exert pressure on the market in a stable manner. This is an effective and reasonable management method, aiming at change. The vicious competition in the past has made tourists affordable and happy, making the operators profitable.

Since 2007, the tourism management department of Yunnan Province has issued a series of new documents to further strengthen the management of the industry. In 2008, Yunnan Province issued another comprehensive rectification opinion, “Opinions of the General Office of the People’s Government of Yunnan Province on Strengthening the Comprehensive Improvement of the Tourism Market in the Province”, mainly: combating zero-negative group fees, combating unreasonable anchoring, and gradually Tour guides and travel agencies return publicly and publicly, and implement barrier-free travel. This document is a programmatic document governing “hidden rules” and plays an important role in improving the ecological environment of the industry. From 2009 to the present, relevant policies have been implemented. In May of this year, the state’s new policy was promulgated, and the new revised “Regulations on the Administration of Travel Agencies” was promulgated. This is a operatively strong regulation. At the same time, according to the regulations, the management department found some corresponding controllable The two-pronged approach, the two hands began to play a role, the market began to step by step. This year, the management department launched a new method to launch 16 major travel agencies through competitive bidding. These travel agencies are among the best in the industry. They have some influence in Yunnan Province and have a good reputation. The management department is well aware of the extreme importance of word-of-mouth in the tourism industry. If a tourist arrives in Yunnan, the travel agency in Yunnan does not have a good service. There will be a geometric number of people around him who say no, and vice versa. The management department gave policy support to these 16 tourism companies and built a new image of Yunnan tourism from the industry.

Gray income fades out the zero-negative group is eradicated

The Yunnan Ministry of Tourism, National Tax, Local Tax, and Finance jointly issued the "Opinions on the Implementation of Public-to-Public Commissions", which was coordinated by the Yunnan Provincial Tourism Administration and other units. In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, the commission income and expenses of enterprises and enterprises shall be included in the financial management, and shall be accounted for truthfully, and the maximum limit of the return ratio shall be classified. Establish an open and fair remuneration management mechanism for tour guides, and the travel agency shall clarify the proportion of labor remuneration and commission distribution of tour guides, and incorporate them into the enterprise financial accounting for standardized management. After the implementation of the above measures, it is necessary to investigate and punish the tour guides and drivers for privately taking and privately granting kickbacks at the consumer sites. The tour guide's income is divided into three parts, one is the bottom salary, the second is the group subsidy, and the third is the service quality fee and commission. The contents of the new tourism contract of the Yunnan Provincial Tourism Administration have eliminated the zero-negative fee method. For example, it is stipulated that the daily shopping cannot be more than once, the length of time to enter the store, the number of shopping, etc., if there is any unreasonable failure to comply with the contract. Visitors can complain.

In the future, the management department will intensify investigation and punishment, and implement strict management of illegally operated tourism enterprises. This year, a new standardization management has been established, which will apply the successful experience of star-rated management of tourism hotels to industry management. Currently, Yunnan Province Tourism The Standardization Management Office has formulated two local regulations, “Guidelines for Guide Service and Classification of Tourism Shopping Levels”, and is currently developing the “Quality Level Standard for Travel Agencies”. At present, Yunnan's tourism industry is heading for seven unifications, and standardized management has been established. Yunnan's tourism has a viable guarantee for its second venture. (China Quality News)

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