The cancellation of real estate purchase restrictions can lock in huge currency liquidity, create a unified national market, and at the same time, real estate capital gains tax, etc., can make the commodity housing market become the source of funds for China's protection of housing funds.

Restricting the original intention of real estate investment by way of restraining purchases is good, and it plays a significant role in cooling down the real estate market in a short period of time. However, in the long run, it would be no good to change the stock currency of China like a scourge. Currency, such as water, will eventually move forward. Flooding. The deposit and real estate market is like a lake, and it is impossible to solve the flood. More importantly, the restriction on purchasing by administrative means will also hinder the formation of a unified labor market in China. Undoubtedly, it is backtracking.

The cancellation of real estate purchase restrictions is one of the steps to promote the overall reform of real estate. Establish a unified national market, establish a realistic, legal, strict, and fair taxation system, reform the basic currency issuance system, and accelerate the reform of the private investment system. These existing measures, together with real estate reform, will become an integral part of China’s future market reforms. the elements of.

The abolition of real estate restrictions and the replacement of short-term administrative measures with long-term reforms are the general trend.

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