[Maidian.com] In order to prevent unnecessary consumption caused by competition, experts propose to break the administrative division and divide Hainan into the core of the five major tourist economic zones, and the international tourist island will be approved, so that Hainan Island can be burned...

[May Point Network] In order to prevent unnecessary consumption caused by competition, experts propose to break the administrative division and divide Hainan into five major tourism economic zones.

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The international tourist island was approved, and Hainan Island was burned into a fire. People have seen that investment hot money is booming in Hainan, and house prices are higher than one day, but what ordinary people may not be able to see is that a macro-level competition for the government will be staged in the context of an international tourist island. The reporter sent a special reporter to Hainan. After a week of investigation, it will bring a series of "Perspective International Tourism Island" series on this day and tomorrow. Please pay attention.

“Building an international tourist island, Sanya is ready!” The slogan on the outdoor billboards in the city has a slogan, and Sanya’s confidence is slightly arrogant. However, to prepare for the international tourist island, it’s been a secret fortune for many years, and it’s not just Sanya.

Haikou is the benefit of the provincial capital. Wenchang borrows the opportunity of the satellite city. Qionghai is in the name of the Boao Forum and is competing with Sanya to compete with each other. The competition is dark and the game is bright or dark. The four cities compete for hegemony, and the east wind of the international tourist island is being staged in Hainan.

Four city hegemony upgrade proposed to break the administrative division

Investment dispersion and transfer can not be a big city

On January 7, one week after the approval of Hainan International Tourism Island, 65-year-old Chengdu Wang Jin and his wife rushed to a building near the Wenchang Municipal Government. The old couple liked the climate of Hainan and always wanted to buy a house in Hainan and stayed in the winter for a few months. “The neighbors have bought a house in Hainan. They recommended Wenchang, saying that the Sanya house in Haikou is too expensive. Let me Wenchang’s house price have not gone up, hurry to buy it.” On the same day that Wang Jin arrived in Wenchang, it consisted of 15 families. The Chongqing purchase group also went straight to Wenchang, sweeping 10 sets a day.

Investment hot money was transferred to Hainan at an incredible speed. In addition to Haikou, Sanya, Wenchang, Qionghai have been divided into a small cake. Wang Xuemao, the head of Chengdu Bayi Furniture City, began to enter Wenchang Real Estate. Chang Zhenming, the general manager of CITIC Group, is very optimistic about the development of Qionghai, and doubled the original investment plan of 500 million yuan to reach 1 billion yuan.

“The first pole of Hainan Real Estate is Sanya, and the second pole is Haikou. At present, Wenchang and Qionghai are competing for the status of the third pole. Investment is no longer the biggest in Sanya, and the trend of shifting to other cities is obvious.” China (Hainan When Xia Feng, director of the Hainan Research Institute of the Institute for Reform and Development, accepted an exclusive interview with this reporter, he said. Hainan's GDP data for the first quarter of 2009 shows that Yangpu and Zhangzhou, which have been ranked third and fourth in the past, have been surpassed by Qionghai and Wenchang. From January to October of 2009, the amount of urban fixed assets investment, Haikou ranked first with 19.5 billion yuan, Sanya City ranked second with 16.6 billion yuan, and Qionghai with 3.1 billion occupied Wenchang.

3.8 billion fourth, but the growth rate of investment, Qionghai and Wenchang should be more than twice as high as Sanya in Haikou.

Seize the investment city pool preferential policy

Two months ago, the Wenchang Municipal Government introduced preferential policies for enterprises that took the lead in investing in the construction of the top five five-star hotels. This has never happened before. “The government will use 50% of the net proceeds from the land transfer as support funds to support the internal infrastructure construction of the five-star hotel project; the supporting facilities for the construction of some cities in the hotel are free.” Xiao Qiang, deputy director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of Wenchang City, clearly feels After the benefits of the preferential policies, almost one or two investors came to Wenchang every day after New Year's Day. Five-star hotels are one of the most interesting projects for investors.

Zhu Chunrong, secretary of the Qionghai Municipal Party Committee, said that in 2009, Qionghai budgeted 8 million yuan for city promotion. In May last year, in Beijing, last December in Sichuan and Chongqing, and on January 5 this year, the city was promoted in Harbin. “With the rapid development of Qionghai, tourism real estate is bought by foreigners, and tourism products are consumed by foreigners. Urban promotion is becoming more and more important.” Zhu Chunrong said that with the arrival of some large projects in Qionghai this year, there will be a series of Large-scale city promotion and publicity activities.

Relevant units in Haikou City have also noticed the fatigue of the investment promotion policy. It is expected that the new management measures for attracting investment incentives will be formulated as soon as possible, and incentives will be increased. At present, Haikou City's investment promotion policy stipulates that in addition to the government departments and their staff who directly engage in investment promotion work in the city, those who introduce foreign funds into Haikou will be rewarded with direct referrals. However, experts believe that the incentives are low. The amount of rewards in Haikou City is five ten thousandths of the funds in place, while the amount of foreign investment in non-SAR cities in the Mainland is generally two-thousandths to eight-thousandths of the funds in place.

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