This weekend is Tanabata. Is your plan to send flowers, eat, and watch movies? When the traditional "Chinese Valentine's Day" meets the perfect weekend, these old bridges are obviously not enough! The reporter learned from the Hangcheng travel agency that with Tanabata Nearly, the number of DIY orders for short-distance travel around the province has increased significantly. This year, tourists from self-driving tour accounted for the mainstream. The bookings for various “Chinese Valentine's Day Packages” launched by travel agencies increased significantly.


Tanabata, how are you going to live?

Nowadays, after 80s and 90s, the pursuit is a personalized way. Many couples choose to "elope" to travel to a destination, and choose a romantic hotel to spend a warm night with their other half.

“Compared to the traditional long-distance tour of Lijiang, Sanya, Bali and other suitable couples, two to three days of surrounding new holiday products have been loved by many young office workers.” Shen Jian, the internal manager of Hangzhou International Travel Service, said, “Now Young people who prefer self-guided tours are obsessed with the DIY tour route. Therefore, we offer some tickets for hotels and attractions in and around the province. The week before the Tanabata, the reservations for the surrounding high-end specialty hotels began to rise.

"This Tanabata, the weather is still very hot, drifting is the first choice for tourists. For example, Jiande Hulu Gorge rafting, Tonglu Daxi Gorge are hot routes. Many tourists also asked us to pack attractions and hotels, such as near Xian Valley Lu Yu Villa, the ticket to the Huangshan Drunk Hot Spring and the hotel, became a 'Chinese Valentine's Day package'." Shen Jian said.

"Booking a romantic hotel on the day of the seventh night, creating a big surprise for the other half, became the signature selling point of Tanabata." said Hu Zhihui, marketing director of

“We have selected more than 200 couple-friendly hotels in popular tourist cities across the country. The participating hotels have specially arranged different services for couples, including a complimentary bottle of red wine, a candlelight dinner, chocolate or flowers. The room is upgraded free of charge, providing a flower bath, bubble bath, etc." Hu Zhihui said.

“Either hotel design or service, these couples are very special. Not only can the design be very fashionable, during the event, the hotel also provides a free flower bath, bubble bath, and guests can also enjoy free drinks in the in-room bar. Food." (Qianjiang Evening News)

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