Tourists gather in Wudang Taihu Lake to roam the blueprint for the tourist to visit the Taiji Lake on the shore of the Taiji Lake in the Qingming Festival, the Taiji Lake to break the soul. Qingming small holiday, more than 20 from all over the country...


Tourists gather in Wudang Taihu Lake to roam the green map for the tourist to visit the Xuanyue Gate on the shore of Taiji Lake

In the spring of the Qing Dynasty, the Taiji Lake is desperate to break the soul. During the Qingming small holiday, more than 20 tourists from all over the country gathered in Wudang Taiji Lake, accompanied by rafting on Taiji Lake, hiking on the Songling Forest, enjoying lakeside food and night scenes, and opened a unique journey.

Before the festival, Taiji Lake Group published "Heroes" in the top ten famous forums in China, and invited the world's top tourist to roam the Wudang Taiji Lake in the Qingming Festival. It is the most intimate contact with the spring and the "mountain mountain" on the Jingchu land. , Dashui, Da Renwen." More than 20 friends from all corners of the country, as the first lucky ones to grab the heroes, experienced this unique journey.


The Songling Scenic Area on the shore of Wudang Taiji Lake is full of vitality.

Step into the "Imperial World" and set foot on Taiji Lake

On the shore of Wutai Taiji Lake, the tourist is alive and well, ready to go, and more importantly, check your own "long guns and short guns" and embark on the search for spring, discovery and record of beauty between this beautiful landscape. journey.

To this end, they have ulterior motives to choose the "dock" of the starting point - Xuan Yuemen, a "Ji Shi Xuan Yue" stone carving archway on the shore of Taiji Lake. It is a boundary pillar between Wudang Taoism and the mortal world. It is the first gate of Wudang Mountain and is called the first gate of the fairyland. It is said that there is a saying in Wudang Mountain that "I entered the Xuanyue Gate and gave my life to God." It means that after a mortal person enters this fairyland, he is alive or alive, a blessing or a curse, and he must not be himself. Therefore, people who came to Wudang Mountain from the ancient times to enter the mountain have entered the Xuan Yue Men and they are solemn and solemn, and dare not talk loudly.

Deep in the forest, want to live on the lakeside health

The Songling Forest Park in the morning is hidden in the mountains of the Cangwu Lake on the shores of Taiji Lake. Tourists walked on foot and set off its mystery. At this time, Songling, the spring color has climbed over the hills, and the dense branches are full of vitality. Along the meandering path, the friends and friends were pleasantly surprised and sighed at the lakeside of the lake in the spring, looking for something different.

Golden rapeseed, pink peach blossoms and purple wildflowers complement each other, creating a colorful spring shirt for this land on the shores of Taiji Lake. Under the spring blouse, the silky trails stretched out in the rugged mountains; the antique black wainscot walls, the leisurely old cows, the water-white geese, the strolling puppies... dotted with Patchwork, or just right. In such an original nature, the mountain people in threes and threes sit in front of the front door, or the firewood door does not know where to travel. The international tourist lady who came with me, facing the camera, wanted to live here, but also went to the mountains to find the gods.

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