The Dragon Year of the Dragon Festival in 2012 is not a golden week that can always be laughed at at Haikou Meilan International Airport. Since the Spring Festival this year, sporadic flight delays have increased the internal response warning level of the airport. According to the "large-area flight delay disposal plan" formulated by the airport, all units have fully prepared before the holiday. It is a pity that no one can predict that in the face of sudden extreme weather, any preparation is insignificant.

According to news reports, affected by the foggy weather, at 5 pm on January 27, the visibility of Meilan Airport could not meet the flight departure and landing standards. The flights were alternated to other airports or canceled. Nearly 5,000 passengers were stranded at the airport. Orders. Under this situation, the Hainan Regulatory Authority of Civil Aviation, the airport, the airlines and the various resident units have gone all out to cooperate closely. According to statistics, on January 28th, from 11:00 am to 5:00 am on the 29th, Meilan Airport carried out a total of 441 flights, of which 105 were replaced on the 28th. At 9:36 am on the 29th, all flights on the 28th were completed, and nearly 5,000 stranded passengers were all shipped. This is also the biggest flight delay experienced by Haikou Meilan Airport in history. In a sense, this is also a stress test that God intended to use a fog to Haikou Meilan Airport.

Stress testing is a test method to establish system stability, usually outside the normal operating range of the system to examine its functional limits and hidden dangers. Since the airport itself is a highly coordinated and complex system, we can correctly assess the safety risks of Haikou Meilan International Airport through the stress test done by this unsolicited fog. Of course, such assessment is informal. It is also not comprehensive and is for reference only.

First of all, this stress test has fully evaluated the passenger flow limit of Haikou Meilan International Airport. At present, the terminal used in the airport has a maximum passenger flow of 9.6 million passengers per year, which is 26,301 person-times per day. At the end of December 2011, the airport's passenger traffic has exceeded 10 million passengers, which is 27,397 person-times per day. At this time, the airport is already in excess operation. According to the daily operation data of the airport, from January 22 to January 28, 2012, the daily passenger flow of Haikou Meilan International Airport was 36142, 39271, 45328, 45643, 46662, 49697, 61698, respectively, to January. On the 29th, it fell back to 58,366. It can be seen that the average daily passenger flow of Meilan Airport has been over 30% of the space for a long time, and the maximum peak has exceeded 134%. At present, this basically has reached the upper limit of airport passenger traffic.

Secondly, this stress test is a full assessment of the professional loyalty and professionalism of airport employees and volunteers. At present, Haikou Meilan Airport has more than 1,300 employees. Since the Spring Festival, the airport company has made corresponding arrangements. In addition to recruiting 40 volunteers from the society, the staff of the airport will be fully enriched to the frontline support work. Since the delay caused by the heavy fog on January 27, almost all the employees and volunteers at the airport have been involved in the delay to provide service guarantees. Most of the employees have worked overtime for more than 48 hours. Everything that happened in these 48 hours has been fully expressed in the online and news reports. I can't bear to repeat it here. It is an experience that most people can't imagine. We can't bear to reason, if there are no such respectable employees and volunteers, what will Meilan Airport do in this stress test?

Third, this stress test is a full assessment of the operational reliability of airport infrastructure equipment. The existing infrastructure equipment at Haikou Meilan International Airport has been in operation since the transition in 1999, and its equipment stability has been tested in time. In this sudden delay, the airport parking spaces, terminal buildings, equipment and facilities are running at full capacity, and there is still a situation that should not occur: equipment abnormalities. For example, the maximum amount of information on the design of the aeronautical display system currently used at the airport is 300. The overtime, replenishment, and overtime overlap caused by the foggy weather on the 27th and 28th, the flight volume is far beyond the upper limit of the navigation system information, system information. The load is too large, so there is a phenomenon that the program is suspended, the failure rate is high, and the system program cannot operate normally. As for the photograph of the shuttle bus that was very hot on the Internet, although it was a misinformation, the airport’s broadcast and system guidance information failed, the airport staff said that the boarding gate information could not be found, and some passengers were even wrong. There are still phenomena such as airplanes. This also indicates that it is necessary to update the existing infrastructure equipment of the airport in a timely manner.

Fourth, this stress test is a full assessment of the feasibility of the airport's large-scale flight delay handling plan. On January 28th, the number of passengers stranded in the terminal was about 5,000. This is actually the limit that the airport can bear. In view of this, the president of Meilan Airport Dong Zhanbin promptly convened the main responsible persons of various departments and the resident units to discuss the protection plan. Chairman Liang Jun was present to the command and support, and the Deputy Director of the Civil Aviation Hainan Regulatory Authority Luo Jingfei organized the coordination meeting of the civil aviation Haikou units. Unify service standards, integrate resources, strengthen human and material resources, and ensure that flights are guaranteed as soon as possible. The Public Security Bureau organizes police forces, security inspection, Zhongan security, fire brigade assistance, and maintains airport order. The airport has invested a large number of people to delay, cancel the flight disposal work, distribute tea and meals to passengers, and actively coordinate the airlines to follow up. In actual operation, the public has been criticized by the public because all units have put all the disposal power into delay protection and cannot take into account the delay in all passengers' service needs. Although the implementation effect of the plan does not satisfy everyone, we are very pleased to see that the operation of the airport is still normal, and the air defense safety has been basically guaranteed.

Fifth, this stress test is also a full assessment of the overall quality and self-discipline of passengers. January 28th is the last day of the Spring Festival Golden Week, and many people are anxious to go back to work. But a fog made everyone who was trapped at the airport get angry. According to the principle of psychology, if people stay in a confined space for too long, they will have negative emotions such as irritability, anxiety, anxiety, etc. This negative emotion will accumulate to a certain extent and needs to be solved. In people in the same confined space, negative emotions are contagious and accumulate faster. In a collective unconscious situation, any inducement can cause a collective outburst of arrogance. We can understand the mood of the passengers, and we also find that the quality and self-discipline of the passengers also determine whether the negative emotions of the passengers can break out. Among the 5,000 passengers stranded at the airport, about 3% of the passengers have experienced excessive behavior. This is of course regrettable, but we are more pleased that more passengers are still angry, helpless and distressed. The understanding of delays.

Through this stress test, we can clearly point out that although Meilan Airport has withstood this time, it does not mean that it can continue to withstand similar situations in the future. Meilan Airport urgently needs to expand its scale, update equipment, increase manpower, and improve the plan. This is the immediate need. At the same time, it is also a work that needs to be constantly carried out to strengthen the publicity of passengers and make them understand the common sense of civil aviation. However, as far as we know, the design goal of the expansion project of Meilan Airport Terminal Building in 2013 was 15 million passengers, 180,000 tons of cargo and mail throughput per year, and 111,000 aircraft movements per year. In addition, the new international terminal will be completed in October 2012, and the West Point Gallery expansion project is also expected to be completed in mid-2013. It is expected that by then, if there is such a large-scale flight delay in the Spring Festival of the Dragon, the response of Meilan Airport should be more calm.

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