Video screenshot: Office workers have been beaten and pressured. It is reported that Taiwan’s economic downturn, many office workers are under great pressure, and the motel industry in Taipei County has launched a “venting room”, and the room is ready for more than a dozen...



Video screenshot: Office workers beat and beat

It is reported that the Taiwan economy is in a downturn, and many office workers are under great pressure. The motel industry in Taipei County has launched a “venting room”. In the room, there are more than a dozen large pillows for the people to fight against the pillows. The face of the supervisor is made into a mask, and the party is taken up. It may be that everyone’s pressure is too great, and the gas room is greatly praised after its launch.

The people picked up their pillows and slammed them down. A poisonous hit and even the cotton wool in the pillows scattered around. Whatever is not at the end of the year or too little money, it is necessary to vent the unhappy at work. If the anger in the chest of the pillow has not been vented, there is still a preparation for the cream to be sent to you, but there are also people who put the boss's face into a mask and send it to the pie, you can see how much work pressure the employees have.

The economic downturn, the hotel business is also affected, and the people who are worried about the pressure of layoffs work, the industry has specially launched the "venting room" to seize business opportunities, whether it is to sing or to play pillows, ç ¸ send here all have, Let unhappy office workers relax, and the venting room will increase the hotel's performance by 10%, allowing the industry to find alternative business opportunities in the recession.