In 2009, the Sichuan Tourism Double Election Conference was held yesterday. More than 4,000 people attracted nearly 4,000 people to compete for outbound talents. [Made Point Network] "Make a good trip, make money!" The Chinese Department of Sichuan University was born...

In 2009, the Sichuan Tourism Double Election Conference was held yesterday. More than 1,000 jobs attracted nearly 4,000 people to compete for outbound talent shortages.

[May Point Network] "Make a good trip, make money!" said the Chinese Department of Sichuan University. Due to the optimistic tourism industry, more and more job seekers have been "remarried" halfway. Yesterday morning, 96 provincial-level tourism industry double-election meetings held by the Provincial Tourism Bureau and the Provincial Tourism Association, 96 well-known travel companies such as the China Travel Service and Chengdu Overseas Travel Service came to the site to select professionals, including the lobby manager. More than 1,000 jobs, including business, tour guides and team leaders, attracted nearly 4,000 job seekers.

According to the travel agency, although the tourism industry has a low barrier to entry, it places great emphasis on the personal development potential of job seekers. Secondly, foreign language proficiency, especially oral English, is crucial. "A good outbound tour leader, even if the minimum annual salary is 100,000 yuan, it is still difficult to recruit." A travel agency official said.

"Tourist rice" eats 1 post, 4 people grab

The province's tourism industry double election was held yesterday at Jincheng College of Sichuan University. At 10 o'clock in the morning, the double-election will officially start more than an hour, and the recruitment site will be crowded with students who come to work for a job. "Sister graduated from school last year, took a departure group at a travel agency, and bought a QQ car less than a year." The senior Chinese student of Sichuan University told reporters that although he was a non-class, he had already passed public English. At the same level, I took the tour guide card and was full of confidence in the work of a well-known travel agency leader who I want to apply for.

According to statistics, the recruitment fair attracted 96 well-known travel companies to come to the site to select professional talents. As job seekers are optimistic about the development of tourism, nearly 4,000 people came to grab the “tourist meal”. Among them, the fresh graduates accounted for 80% of the proportion.

Out of the world, the most lack of foreign language is "hard lever"

Li Li, manager of the Personnel Department of the China Travel Center, said that this time provides basic positions in the field of exit, such as operation assistants, sales assistants, etc., but the major is not limited, but English needs at least level 4 or above. "In the seedlings selected today, we will organize another oral and written test, and then we will be officially employed immediately after one month of paid training. Because there are very few talents in outbound travel."

“Lack! Very lacking!” Wang Tao, general manager of the Outbound Center of Chengdu Overseas Travel Service, described the company’s “craving” for outbound travel talents. “With the official opening of the US tour to Sichuan, our top priority is to attack the American market. Therefore, the demand for professionals in outbound travel is very high. English is the most basic 'hard lever', preferably Spanish. "French, French, etc." He said that an excellent outbound tour leader has an annual salary of at least 100,000 yuan, especially excellent (responsible for high-end lines) and even as high as 500,000 yuan. “But professionals are especially difficult to recruit.”

The boss of a well-known travel agency admitted to the reporter that the root cause of the difficulty in recruiting outbound tourism is that the tourism courses of colleges and universities are somewhat out of touch with the society. “Many colleges and universities pay more attention to learning Sichuan tourism regulations, tourism characteristics, historical humanities, etc., while ignoring knowledge learning about exit, such as outbound travel policies and regulations, communication skills with consulates, business negotiation etiquette, practical travel foreign languages, etc.” ( Chengdu Business Newspaper )