In recent years, commercial exhibitions have received more and more attention from companies. The development of various famous commercial exhibitions in China has been extremely rapid, and its information is constantly seen in news reports or advertising. The commercial exhibition has reached an unprecedented level not only in quantity but also in scale. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze and study the characteristics, rules, and operation skills of the exhibition's promotion in order to meet the different needs of the majority of exhibitors, visitors, and exhibitors.

Commercial exhibitions refer to the use of exhibitions, fairs, trade fairs, sample orders, exhibitions, material exchange meetings, supply conferences, commodity fairs, and other trade fairs. Many companies gather together and show visitors. Showcasing their own merchandise, displaying and selling merchandise while side-by-side, to promote sales, a promotion method that combines product promotion, sales, market research, and public relations activities.

I. How exhibitors choose to choose exhibitions More and more commercial exhibitions are now available. If companies intend to exhibit, the primary issue is how to make choices among the many exhibitions. Choosing an exhibition should consider the following factors:

1. Among the visitors to this exhibition, how many people are the target audience of the company and may purchase the company's products. Their geographical distribution, job distribution, affiliation, and whether they have the ability to pay for their products. These circumstances can be understood from the organizers of the exhibition. In the vast majority of cases, they have detailed information on the situation of the visitors. Of course, companies must also judge the reliability of these data.

2. What is the background, sponsorship ability, level and credibility of this exhibition organizer?

3. How long is the history of this exhibition? If it is a traditional exhibition, there will be more viewers. If it is a new exhibition, it can only attract a small number of viewers.

4. The timing of the exhibition is appropriate. If there are several or similar exhibitions held at the same time or shortly before, visitors will be greatly reduced. In addition, for some products with seasonal sales, or for some popular fashion products, the exhibition time should be consistent with or slightly ahead of the sales season or the popular time of the products.

5. How much is the basic fee for the exhibition?

6. What are the other exhibitors and what are the grades, sizes, and popularity of these companies?

7. How many journalists have come to interview this exhibition and how effective is its publicity8. The location of the exhibition is suitable. The venues of the exhibition are selected from cities with strong information and radiation capabilities, or the origin of certain commodities, or cities with convenient transportation, all-around commodity distribution centers, or port cities for import and export of goods, or tourist scenic spots. The choice of location for the exhibition has a direct impact on the number of effective visitors.

9. When deciding whether or not to participate in a certain exhibition, enterprises can also ask the exhibitors who exhibited in the exhibition in the past, focusing on what their major expenses in the past, what problems they have encountered, and how they are resolved. How effective are the exhibits received? After understanding the above conditions, it is not difficult to make choices for the exhibition.

Second, the participation of the candidates and the conduct of norms 1. As the exhibitors are representatives of the company at the booth or exhibition site, their words and deportment directly reflect the company’s image. Therefore, their working attitude, working ability and working methods are closely related to the exhibiting effect of the company. Matching is also an important part of the organization's participation in the event. The participating exhibitors should pay attention to the following issues. You can't send new or inexperienced staff to the exhibition. Because visitors always see the words and deeds of exhibitors as a manifestation of their quality, strength and reputation, any unfamiliar presentations, laymen's answers, and indifferent attitudes will undermine corporate image and exhibit effectiveness.

2. Exhibitors must have the following conditions: full of work enthusiasm and serious work style, modest words and deeds, attitude and patience, can actively contact with visitors, find potential customers; have enough communication experience, quick response, random processing of a certain The ability to handle special issues and problems; knowing product knowledge thoroughly, accurately answering customer-related questions about products; being proficient in demonstrating product features, mastering live demonstration technologies with certain sales experience, and being able to use marketing products proficiently Skills to effectively persuade different types of customers.

3. In the exhibition activities, some companies also select some performers as needed, such as models, magicians, funny clowns and so on. If the booth is large, exhibitors also need to be equipped with specialized personnel to maintain order.

4. In terms of the number of exhibitors, there should normally be at least two people for every 10 square meters of booth area. If at such a booth, the exhibition time is 8 hours a day, at least 4 staff members should be provided. There must be two batches or even three batches of personnel constantly changing to avoid excessive fatigue and reduce the work efficiency of exhibitors.

5. During the exhibition process, the company's managers should be present: Many visitors, especially those who may become customers, would like to have the opportunity to talk with managers at the exhibition site to learn more about the situation and conduct trading conditions. Consultation. In addition, this is also an excellent opportunity for the company's management to directly contact the market and obtain first-hand market information. If two managers are scheduled to attend, they should always maintain a manager at the booth in order to promptly resolve the issues raised by the visitors.

Exhibitors should wear on the right side of the body because when the right hand shakes hands with the visitors, your right shoulder will lean forward so that the badge will be close to each other and attract attention.

2. Exhibitors should ban the following activities from wearing fancy clothes and clothing, and stay out of fashion; smoking, drinking, eating, talking on the phone, reading newspapers and magazines to chat with colleagues at the booth, ignoring visitors, or attracting people by appearance, according to the clothing of the visitors Different; bad God is sluggish, or behave rude; on the issues raised by the visitors inattentive, attitude is indifferent to the customer Ruanmoyingpao, forcing the other party to buy.

3. Exhibitors must maintain a strong energy and focus their attention on the display work. When visitors come to Taiwan, they should warmly say hello and patiently answer questions. When there are no visitors temporarily, they should promptly arrange the exhibition stand and promotional materials, keep the booth tidy, and pay attention to past visitors.

4. The exhibitors’ reception customers are slightly different from the shopping malls’ visitors. There are more booths at the exhibition, and the booths of the same type of products are relatively concentrated. Customers often come and go in the process of visiting. Therefore, exhibitors should seize the opportunity to greet them in a timely and active manner, and the time of contact with customers can be appropriately advanced.

5. Exhibitors can not stand in the direction of the road or block the sight of the customer to say hello, to stand by the side of the road. Not even two or more exhibitors get together to talk about it.

6. When exhibitors introduce products, they must pay attention to their sense of proportion and must not exaggerate. Because many of the people who visited the exhibition were experts, it was very easy for them to open their mouths and exaggerate their repugnance, which led to the loss of possible sales opportunities.

7. The work responsibilities and authority of each exhibitor must be specified and the specific work share of each person must be determined. For example, if the company's participation target is to sell 100 units of products, it needs to be decomposed into this goal so that the specific sales can be implemented for everyone.

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