[Maidian.com] Wuxi, a key county for poverty alleviation and development in the country, is located in the northeastern border of Chongqing City. It is located in the junction of the Shaanxi-Shanxi-Era, the heartland of the Three Gorges reservoir area, and is honored as the “Wu Xian Ancient Country” and “The Ancient Salt Capital”. .

[Maidian.com] Wuxi, a key county for poverty alleviation and development in the country, is located in the northeastern border of Chongqing City. It is located in the junction of the Shaanxi-Shanxi-Eagle Zone and the heartland of the Three Gorges Reservoir Area. It is honored as the "Wu Xian Ancient Country" and "The Ancient Salt Capital". The hometown of Wuba culture. The county covers an area of ​​4030 square kilometers, but nearly 89% of the land is Yilin barren hills, away from large and medium-sized cities, and more than 550 kilometers away from Chongqing. The geographical position also made Wuxi the highest incidence of poverty in Chongqing, reaching 12.8%. The county's poverty population is about 60,000. But at the same time, Wuxi is a resource-rich county, especially the tourism resources are unique, east to Shennongjia, Wudang Mountain, south to the Three Gorges, north to the ancient capital of Xi'an, known as the "Xiayuan Taoyuan" reputation.

In recent years, through the concerted efforts of the local government and all walks of life, the economic development of Wuxi County has continued to improve. And the tourism industry as the focus of economic development in the region. On April 10th, the “People's Association Promotion Committee to promote the Wuxi Development Work Symposium” was held in the local area. Shen Xiaoyang, deputy director of the Chongqing Municipal CPPCC Economic Committee, the CPPCC member inspection team, and the Wuxi County Committee attended the meeting. He also discussed related issues such as "how to develop the local tourism industry". As the relevant person in charge of the 51766 travel network of the conference team, during the group study, the training of the tourism resources development platform was specially trained for the Wuxi Tourism Bureau, local travel agencies, hotels and scenic spots.

In the future development of Wuxi tourism industry, 51766 travel network will also be an important partner to build a complete online travel platform on the network. Including Wuxi Tourism Management Department and various types of enterprises and tourist attractions for tourists, they provide them with special online stores and form Wuxi Tourism Online Shop Group. The name of the relevant online store, service products and quotations, corporate announcements, etc. will automatically appear in the corresponding channel of 51766 travel network, better for tourists. At the same time, 51766 travel network will determine the source of local tourism activities based on the data of online tourists visiting Wuxi information, find out the tourist's interest points in Wuxi, and timely grasp the needs and changes of tourists, for local tourism. Management and management provide practical and feasible decision-making reference, making the development of Wuxi tourism industry more targeted.

Prior to this, as the pioneer of Chongqing's new rural reform and construction, “Wulong County”, in order to stimulate the local tourism economy, the joint venture will invest tens of millions of ground-based marketing every year in the country, preparing to make Wulong a world-class Tourist destination. In contrast, Wuxi County, under the leadership of the government and with the help of all walks of life, is also planning a blueprint for future tourism development, using online travel platforms to form a network publicity system. Accelerate the construction of the "Qinchu Gate" and create favorable conditions for the realization of "green rise". (China Tourism News Network)

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