Today is the last day of the National Day holiday, and the National Day holiday begins to usher in the peak of the return journey. At the same time as the golden week long holiday consumption is getting hotter and violent, many citizens in recent years have begun to be dissatisfied with the quality of the Golden Week tour: “There are too many tourists in the Golden Week!”


Tourists in the scenic area

Today is the last day of the National Day holiday, and the National Day holiday begins to usher in the peak of the return journey. Jinhua citizen Xiao Chen and his family went to Hainan and set the date of return to October 6. He said that he chose to come back earlier because he had to stay one day to recover. Sure enough, after returning home on October 6, the family opened the door and went straight to the sofa and bed. Everyone was too tired to talk.

After the "May 1st" holiday was cancelled, there were two long holidays for the Spring Festival and the National Day, so everyone chose to travel in the National Day, making the National Day Golden Week tourism consumption market more and more fierce. However, while the gold week long holiday consumption is getting hotter and violent, many citizens in recent years have begun to dissatisfaction with the quality of the Golden Week tour: “There are too many tourists in the Golden Week!”

Tourism heat has turned the scenic spot into a sea of ​​people

The 23-year-old netizen "Xiaoqiang" just joined the work this year. He finally waited for the holiday and reported to the tour group in Jiuzhaigou. The four-day and three-night trips were very full. Going to the destination, "Xiaoqiang" is stupid: "Where is the scenic spot, it is simply the sea of ​​people, going up the mountain to look at the ass, going down the mountain to see the head! Some rides can only be lined up, the time of playing is not waiting in line. long."

In addition to not having fun in the scenic area, "Xiaoqiang" is also very dissatisfied with the supporting services of the tourism: "The original travel agency promised us a three-star hotel, but found it at the destination, at most two-star standard, although the travel agency Retired the difference, but it is inevitable that people are not happy..." After returning to Jinhua, he said that next year's long vacation will not go out, only "home" at home.

Ms. Wang, a tour guide who has worked for a travel agency in Jinhua City for many years, said that she has long been used to the crowded scene of Golden Week, and that she has been numb with complaints about the quality of tourism. “No way, because there are so many people, the services of airports, hotels, restaurants, and scenic spots will be discounted, and these factors are not what we can control.” Ms. Wang said that compared with the complaints of tourists, various safety hazards are The most worrying things about the tour guides, such as worrying about people being overwhelmed when climbing a bridge, and the loss of children. She suggested that qualified tourists should choose to travel in the wrong peak so that they can really enjoy the tourism.

It takes a lot of money to concentrate on traveling.

According to the travel agency's “Golden Week Travel Quotation” for many years, the reporter found that, driven by tourism demand, during the Golden Week, especially the first three days, the travel quotation has risen sharply. The average increase is more than 50%, and some even double. .

Take the six-day tour of Kunming, Dali and Lijiang on the National Day Golden Week as an example. The price on weekdays is only about 1,500 yuan. On October 1st and 2nd, it has risen to more than 3,000 yuan, and the increase rate is 100%. October 3rd to 5th The daily price is 2,500 yuan, an increase of nearly 60%. According to the reporter's understanding, during the Golden Week of the Spring Festival last year, the Hainan tour, which was quoted at around 2,500 yuan on weekdays, was close to 10,000 yuan. Near the end of the long holiday, the price of domestic tourist routes began to dive. Compared with October 1, the prices of Beijing and Hainan fell by as much as nearly 1,000 yuan. The staff of various travel agencies said that the National Day holiday is more than half, the domestic tourism long-term price drop of 30%, the short-term price of 10% is normal.

Travel agency sources said that the cost of travel during the Golden Week has risen sharply, which is caused by changes in market supply and demand. During the Golden Week, everyone has to go out for a holiday, the long-distance travel position is tense, the ticket price increases, the transportation cost of short-distance travel will also increase, and the accommodation price and ground connection fee of the tourist destination will also rise.

The "micro-era" of tourism is quietly coming

In order to escape the sea of ​​people, in some white-collar workers in Jinhua City, the "micro-tourism" is quietly rising. It means a short journey. It may be to go to a strange city nearby, take a strange road, or just escape the computer, game consoles and other electronic products. Park reading and reading the sun... Compared to long-distance travel, the form of “micro-tourism” is more relaxed, picking up the backpack and leaving, and the time and manner of travel is more casual.

Mr. Hu of Yongkang chose to visit around this year. Like Mr. Hu, many busy office workers have turned their eyes to relaxed leisure travel. In all scenic spots in the city, eco-tourism, rural tour, and self-driving tour are very hot. Self-driving leisure travel is the new favorite of citizens for long-distance short-distance leisure. More and more citizens choose to bring their wives to the suburbs or neighboring counties and cities to vacation. House, eat farmhouse food, and enjoy the countryside.

The reporter learned from Jinhua Kangtai Travel Agency that in recent years, the self-help travel market including “micro-tourism” has grown rapidly. The same tourist destinations, the number of self-help routes is more than three times that of the group tour, every weekend, For short holidays within 3 days, such as small holidays, green and healthy suburban tours and hot spring tour products occupy a prominent position on the travel website. The travel agency also followed this trend and re-separated some of the series of scenic spots, providing accommodation, catering and other services, allowing visitors to self-help and solve their worries.

The person in charge of the travel agency said that the combination of menu-style travel methods can satisfy the individual needs of customers as much as possible, and it is very convenient and worry-free. It is likely to become a trend of customized travel. Most of the customers who sign up for short-distance travel choose this kind of self-selection. Package. (Jinhua Daily)

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