Mobile phones have brought a lot of convenience to our work, but it has also brought new problems in workplace etiquette. A cell phone may serve as a "lifeguard" for many people, but unfortunately, when it is necessary to call the other party's cell phone, the other party may be out of the office and may be driving, meeting or dealing with other important matters. Then what should you pay attention to when you call the other person's mobile phone, and when can you call the other person's mobile phone?

The answer to this question is to first look at when it is not possible to answer the phone. People who pay attention to the use of etiquette in mobile phones will not answer mobile phones during negotiations and meetings, during landline phone calls, or when driving. They will not pick up mobile phones on airplanes, theaters, libraries and hospitals. They will be loud on buses. There is also a bad manner to answer the call. Therefore, when you call a mobile phone to the other person, especially when you know that the other person is a busy person who is in a position of importance, the first thing that comes to mind is whether he (she) is available to answer this time. And there must be preparations for the other party not to answer. When I phone the other party, I will pay attention to the echo heard from the handset to identify the environment where the other party is. If it is quiet, I would think of the other party in the meeting. Sometimes the large venue can feel a kind of spacious echo. When the noise is heard, the other party is likely to be outdoors. The rumble of the car can also be heard. With initial identification, there is preparation for a smooth conversation. But no matter under what circumstances, whether the call is still determined by the other party is good, so "is it convenient to call it?" is usually the first sentence to call the phone to question. In fact, without prior agreement and unfamiliarity with each other, it is difficult to know when the other party can easily answer the phone. Therefore, when there are other contacts, try not to use the other mobile phone as much as possible.

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