The Maldives has always been synonymous with romance in my dictionary, because my first reaction to the Maldives was romance.

The Maldives has always been synonymous with romance in my dictionary, because my first reaction to the Maldives was romance. Because I saw Lin Xilei’s wedding photos in the Maldives, because of the “coconut tree shadows, water and sand” in the McDull mouth, because the Maldives’ water house, because of the unique romance of the Maldives, I did not hesitate when the wedding came. The place where the wedding was held chose the Maldives. Putting the wedding venue in the Maldives, I think it is the wish of every romantic girl.

In the Maldives, almost all resorts are equipped with professional wedding planners, so even those who are on a honeymoon can dreamlikely realize the idea of ​​a wedding.

Imagine taking the blue sky and the blue sea as the background and making promises with your lover on the white sand beach. This kind of sentiment is not everywhere. In the Maldives, I found this feeling.


We set up a honeymoon room in the Maldives and lived in the honeymoon room at the Banyan Tree Resort. It is a two-storey holiday villa group directly built on the sea. Unlike the general Water Villa, it is completely reclaimed. There is no white sand beach around the villa, only blue dazzling sea water. In the villa, I feel surrounded by the sea from any angle.


The wedding was started on the third day. Of course, it was all planned by the resort people. The whole process made me nervous. I put on a wedding dress in such a beautiful scenery of the Maldives and took me into another world of life. How romantic it is!

I put on a wedding dress, LG suits, and the salty sea breeze blowing, I can feel the attention of myself at this moment. The hand holds the natural fresh flowers, the green orchids are scattered around, accompanied by the music of the Maldives, smelling the fresh floral fragrance, we step into the marriage hall...

The ring was placed in a shell, which was sprinkled with fine sand and buried the ring in half. Putting the ring on your hand, and the feeling of itching in the sand, it feels very fun.

The wedding cake is blue, decorated with patterns of sprays, shells and starfish. It is really romantic! Although this is not the attention that LG has come up with, it is still very moving! It was not good to shoot with the camera at the time, sorry. !

Going back to the new house and giving me a surprise, the room was arranged in a "Maldives", the bed was carefully designed, haha, very nice, I couldn't bear to sleep. In fact, this Maldivian wedding has a small Maldivian element everywhere, this is Maldivian-style romance, a different romance!


Attached to the Maldives wedding experience:

Wedding dress: Renting a wedding dress seems to be not realistic, and now you can leave it for your daughter to wear, haha. If the economy permits, I still recommend to go to a special order shop in Shanghai to order one. The style of the wedding dress is not suitable for the big tail in the Maldives. It is a bit too luxurious. I don't feel very suitable for the skirt, because it is rather cumbersome. More suitable for slim and simple styles, such as fishtail, Greek, Korean.

The veil should not be too long, because there is a strong wind at sea, simple, and it can be firmly fixed.

Gloves, if the fabric of the wedding dress is a lace wedding dress, it is recommended not to wear gloves, not the texture of lace.

Dress, I started to think that there was a formal dinner that I needed to wear, so I bought one. Later it didn't seem to be necessary, so I think this one is casual.

Wedding accessories: I used to think that wedding dresses with pearls are the most beautiful, reflecting the beauty of purity. Individuals are not recommended to wear binglingbingling rhinestone jewelry, with evening dresses are very good, but the wedding dress is a bit stunned. The earmuffs of the MM only wear two large pearl earrings, which are beautiful and beautiful, just matching the Maldives marine theme wedding, it will be very beautiful.

Shoes: Wedding shoes with a satin cloth are highly recommended.

My Maldives wedding was very smooth and very romantic. I am lucky and lucky, because the most important moment of the woman, I am engraved in the Maldives, this wedding, it is worth my life to remember.

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