IBM will provide cloud service support for 200 million users What's different about IBM's cloud computing? "I hope to help users plan for cloud computing through new cloud computing usage models," said Wang Shenghang, general manager of Cloud Computing Division of IBM Greater China. Recently, IBM launched a new SmartCloud strategic solution. In IBM's blueprint, by the end of 2012, IBM plans to provide support for 200 million users and help users migrate core applications and processes to IBM SmartCloud. IBM's cloud computing will be a comprehensive cloud computing solution that encompasses public, private, and hybrid clouds.

Wang Shenghang, general manager of cloud computing division of IBM Greater China Region: At this stage, not all applications must enter the cloud. IBM will recommend different ways according to customer needs.

According to Wang Shenghang, IBM SmartCloud includes four dimensions: cloud data center, cloud platform services, cloud computing industry solutions, and cloud services. Based on this, IBM will introduce IBM SmartCloud Application Service, a new platform-as-a-service (PaaS), to help enterprises save costs and time for deploying cloud environments for various applications while ensuring high controllability and security for deployment and operation. . IBM SmartCloud Foundation - This is a new combination of cloud computing software and hardware that enables technology breakthroughs that enable businesses to quickly deploy and control cloud computing within a firewall. SmartCloud Business and Industry Solutions - It is reported that IBM is expanding its business equipment and developing into one of the largest SaaS vendors. IBM SmartCloud Ecosystem - a new service for IBM partners and independent software vendors that helps partners assist customers in banking, telecommunications, healthcare and government, etc., to build cloud platforms or securely migrate to IBM SmartCloud for thousands Tens of thousands of SMEs use the cloud computing model to manage a large number of cloud-based transactions.

"The planned 200 million users are more independent software developers and the second is some customers in the manufacturing and insurance financial industries," said Wang Shenghang. Although there are detailed cloud computing solutions and the introduction of corresponding products and services, IBM believes that not all applications will enter the cloud at this stage, and IBM will recommend different approaches based on customer needs.

Mao Shengxin, an IBM distinguished engineer, chief technology officer of the China Development Center and general manager of the new technology research and development center, emphasized: “From the point of view of the development of cloud technology, it is still relatively early, and not all applications are suitable for use in the cloud.” He said that in terms of the characteristics of workloads, there are three types that can be migrated to the cloud: one type is a small application, and you want to share the pool of computing resources with other small applications; second, the application itself needs to use many resources. For example, message middleware, directory server, etc.; the last case is also a very complex situation, namely a large application, such as the application of Taobao, or a large-scale electronic banking application. Because of this, IBM's cloud computing will advance more steadily.

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