In the blizzard in North China, civil aviation may hold meteorological data early, but compared with the “unscheduled” of the railway, highway and urban transportation departments, the performance of the civil aviation is habitually unprepared. From the blog posts of the three major websites, the capital airport of the day of heavy snow was tangled up, and the exhausted passengers spent the first day of the New Year's travel in boarding, waiting, boarding, and canceling the toss. Even if it has not been checked, it is like a poor person who lives in a horse shop.

Why is the civil aviation with the most developed meteorological information becoming the least used weather forecasting department, even ignoring the weather forecast? I think the key to the problem is that the airport department only used the weather forecast in "the sky" and did not use it as a guide for ground services.

If you want to say that you should deal with bad weather, the ground reception conditions of civil airports such as the Capital Airport must be much stronger than those of the trains that are trapped in Inner Mongolia at the same time. On the other side of the railway, rescuers can be sent to the mountains at a low temperature of more than 30 degrees Celsius to send passengers cotton, quilts, food and mineral water, and these essentials are also prepared. Why can't civil aviation put a few boxes of instant noodles in an indoor lounge and send a few warm words?

If this example does not explain the problem, then in the same city, the “severance order” of Beijing primary and secondary schools involves more than 1.2 million primary and middle school students in the city. It is still based on weather changes, and a 16-hour advance is formed in 20 minutes. The city's parents informed the decision to suspend classes. The key is that some "advanced amount" are you willing to think about whether you are willing to do it. After all, the emergency method is "dead" and the person is "live."

In fact, the most ill-conceived of civil aviation is not the late insecure flight of civil aviation, but the most developed information department. It does not disclose, inform, or inform the "three noes" behavior of information and passengers' right to know. . We often receive endless ticket discount information, but often do not dial the airport's inquiry phone dozens of times; we can often drink a few times more expensive coffee than the outside, but often can not get instant noodles worth only a few dollars And hot water.

We have called for many years of "iron boss" emergency service is poor, it is difficult to cope with the Spring Festival travel, and compared with the attitude of civil aviation today, I fell in love with the former. Because from this large-scale snowfall, the railway can send a cup of hot water in the ice and snow, the road can send boiled eggs in the dripping ice, and spends several billion yuan on the civil aviation information network, which can not solve a pair of passengers. The minimum "information obligation".

If this continues, the public will wear the "iron boss" arrogant hat on the head of the "airline boss". I don't think it is awkward.

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