A bird's eye view of the Guangzhou University City Asian Games venue group next weekend, the exciting and fierce Asian Games event will certainly attract many sports fans. However, in addition to the appreciation of the event, the Asian Games venues are actually quite worth seeing. How to play cool...

A bird's eye view of Guangzhou University City Asian Games venues

Next weekend, the exciting and intense Asian Games will definitely attract many sports fans. However, in addition to the appreciation of the event, the Asian Games venues are actually quite worth seeing. How to play the Asian Games venues? This edition will lead readers into the most distinctive Asian Games venues and surrounding attractions, and feel the charm of the Asian Games venue in advance.

The most beautiful scenery recommendation: UFO training center

In Guangzhou, the newly built Asian Games venues include Nansha Stadium, University City Sports Center, Asian Games City and UFO Training Center.

From a scenic perspective, the Guangzhou UFO Training Center, which is more than 90 kilometers from the city, is the most interesting. It is located in Paitan Town and is fully integrated with the natural environment of Baishuizhai Scenic Area. Standing at the Jinruifeng Hotel, which is 3 kilometers away from the stadium and receiving athletes, the magnificent and spectacular Baishuixian Waterfall seems to be within easy reach.

Joint Tour: Bai Shuizhai climbs high and looks far

The closest tourist attraction with the UFO training center is Baishui Village. Baishui Village consists of several mountains, of which the main peak Baishuizhai Mountain is 828 meters high. The cliff waterfall in the park is in harmony with the alpine Tianchi. The Tongtian Gorge is connected to the shoal wetland, and the terrain is complex and changeable. The big waterfall with a drop of 428.5 meters flows down the Baishuizhai Mountain.

The most recommended island style: Shanwei Red Bay Island

As the venue for the Asian Games sailing competition, the island is a unique geographical location. The beaches here are gazing at the sea and the blue sky. What's even more amazing is that the waves of the peninsula protrude into the sea, and the barriers seem to block the wind and waves on both sides of the east and west. On the one hand, the waves are calm and the waves are on the shore.

Joint Tour: Pinqing Lake Crab

In Xiaodao Village in the urban area of ​​Shanwei, there is the largest coastal lagoon in China, which is rich in aquatic products. Visitors can let the fishermen take the boat to the Qinghai Lake to catch crabs. After being caught, the villagers used the authentic cooking methods to process them.

The most complete recommended: Kowloon Lake Golf Course

The venue is located in Jiulonghu International Community, Huadong Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou City. It is fully furnished and has a number of resorts and clubs that can provide accommodation and leisure. The stadium is backed by dozens of lush mountains and surrounded by the Kowloon Lake. The 42-square-kilometer catchment area is neither smoke nor pollution. It has an 18-hole international championship standard course and a 9-hole lighting course. “Half-field lake view half-view mountain view” is the main feature of the stadium. It is positioned with the most advanced lighting equipment in China with the most difficult night challenge.

Joint Tour: Touring Jiulong Lake

Jiulong Lake Resort is a national 4A scenic spot. It is famous for its Jiulonghu Reservoir. The reservoir dam is more than 50 meters long, more than 100 meters long, the water surface area is 2.4 square kilometers, and the water depth is 50 meters, which is equivalent to ten floors. It is the largest reservoir in Huadu District.

The most culturally recommended: University City Sports Center

The University City Sports Center is the venue that hosts the most competitions and is one of the most sought-after venues. The venue is located at the center of the university town, at the northern end of the ecological park, north to the inner ring road, south to the central lake, surrounded by mountains on three sides, and the roof adopts a combination of “green and white”, like a white cloud floating in the mountains and on the water.

The entire sports center includes a large stadium and a track and field training ground. The stadium covers an area of ​​97,000 square meters and can accommodate 50,000 spectators. It is second only to the Tianhe Sports Center and the Olympic Sports Center. It is the third largest stadium in Guangzhou.

Joint Tour: Lingnan Impression Park

The reason why University City has become a hot spot for Asian Games tourism in recent times is that there are many famous attractions in the surrounding area. Such as the famous Whampoa Military Academy and the Lingnan Impression Park, which fully demonstrates the essence of Lingnan culture.

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