A large number of unregulated “Wild Horse” clubs have gradually taken the entire tourism market away from the right track in the low-cost comparison. Zhengda Taishe became a victim in this "commercial warfare" model...

When the "Wild Horse" travel agency in the Mainland recruits tourists, the means of use are always inseparable from low prices. A large number of unregulated “Wild Horse” clubs have gradually taken the entire tourism market away from the right track in the low-cost comparison. In the "commercial warfare" model, Zhengda Dashe became a victim and took the bane. In order to avoid risks, Zhengda Taishe also began to use the "Wild Horse" Society or the "Wild Horse" Society to communicate the risks to the tourists.


A large number of unregulated Mustangs have gradually taken the entire tourism market away from the right path, and Hong Kong’s good tourism image and reputation have also been undermined.

According to Hong Kong media reports, "Therefore, the evil girl is not a case, but she is only unlucky." Qin Yu (a pseudonym), who had run a "Wild Horse" travel agency for relatives, said. The most important thing is that such a vicious circle will destroy Hong Kong's original healthy tourist environment and force Hong Kong tour guides to operate according to the operation mode of the "Wild Horse" travel agency, undermining Hong Kong's good tourism image and reputation.

Ge Hui (pseudonym), who has been involved in the tourism industry for more than 10 years, described that although there are many types of "wild horses", the survival tactics are basically the same as 10 years ago. “Low-cost passengers are the 'wild horses'. For example, Anhui, Hubei and other mainland 'Wild Horses', launched a 1,000-day Hong Kong and Macao 5-day tour; some of the 'Wild Horses' in Guangzhou, Shenzhen 1-day tour, Zhuhai 1-day tour and other products As long as 48 yuan, it is simply incredible, this price is not enough for one-way tickets." Ge Hui said that a little travel experience knows that this group is certainly not reliable.

What is associated with the low-cost passengers is the black shop shopping, which earns back the lost group fees and turns losses into profits. The low price of “Wild Horse” has robbed many customers to a certain extent. Large formal hostels also have to cut prices to contend, but often “compensated for the wife and the soldiers.” Several times the competition is self-protection, and the Zhengshe community also began to learn the wild horse. The way of doing business.

Feng Jun, a scholar at the Tourism Management Department of Zhuhai College of Jilin University, said that the price war in the entire tourism industry began as early as 2004. In the past few years, some large-scale regular hostels have continuously launched low-priced products such as the 999-yuan Thailand tour and the 888-yuan Korean tour to expand their customers. "Actually, this is just a gimmick. Visitors are required to pay visa fees, airport taxes, fuel bills and other miscellaneous fees. But all this way is the same as the low price group of the Mustang Travel Agency."

Due to fierce competition, some genuine travel agencies even opened a group of “zero-negative group fees”. “If you want to get the cost back, can they start the shopping process in the tourism products without going to the wild horse travel society?” Ge Hui said that the cruel status quo shows that more and more regular travel agencies are beginning to move closer to the Mustang travel agency in terms of business methods.

Feng Jun pointed out that the low threshold for registration has prompted many small and medium-sized hostels to "spread everywhere." According to incomplete statistics, only Zhuhai City, including the floating population, has a total population of more than 1.5 million, and there are more than 100 large and small hotels. “There are less than 20,000 people who have a hostel, which is very exaggerated. What is even more strange is that they have been 'survived', indicating that they can make money.”

It is understood that some small travel agencies want to "hang the sheep to sell dog meat", specialize in low-cost short-term shopping group, become a registered "wild horse." The middle travel agency "Wild Horse" travel is not profitable, then the "rental" business license is given to the "three no wild horses", and the "rent" is effortlessly taken. This kind of behavior is commonly known as "selling tables" in the tourism industry. A large number of "three no wild horses" hostels, through the "buy a table", publicly played the banner of the regular hostel, soliciting the source group, the entire "wild horse" tour chain will follow.

"On the one hand, the Mustang Travel Agency and the official travel agency began to collude. They used the banner of low-cost outbound travel to attract passengers, and then sold them to the authentic hotel with outbound travel qualifications. Due to low profits, the Zhengshe Club had to take the lead again. The way to sell to Hong Kong travel agencies. Hong Kong travel agencies face the lower profits, can only pass the risk to the tour guide, the tour guides pay for the contracting of the mainland group, and then the tour guide arranges car rental, hotel, meals, etc., and the tour guide in order to achieve profits, Had to arrange shopping links, colluding with black-hearted entrepreneurs to deceive mainland tourists." Qin said that in the past few years, a large number of mainland tourists bought fake gold watches and other goods in Hong Kong, and the above relationship is difficult, and finally the Hong Kong government had to send a commissioner far away. Going to the provinces in the Mainland to deal with them in a special way, and the phenomenon of evil women and precious women six months ago is also related to it. (People's Network)

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