[May Point Network] The recent "two sessions" held in Beijing made the word "low carbon" recognized by more people, and the tourism industry has a reputation as a smoke-free industry, "let low carbon start from tourism", soon Raised...

[May Point Network] The recent "two sessions" held in Beijing made the word "low carbon" recognized by more people, and the tourism industry has a reputation as a smoke-free industry, "let low carbon start from tourism", soon Was mentioned as the forefront of "low carbon". Low-carbon tourism is tourism that minimizes carbon emissions. It requires people to effectively calculate carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide emissions from tourism activities and take measures to reduce carbon emissions from tourism activities.

Since ancient times, Bagui has been the perfect combination of natural landscape features and ethnic customs. Now it is the strategic meeting place of ASEAN countries and the central area of ​​Beibu Gulf development, which makes Guangxi tourism more attractive. With the increasing number of domestic tourists and the further development of tourism projects such as “Guangxi People's Travel Guangxi”, the economic benefits brought by tourism to Guangxi have become more and more obvious. In the golden age of tourism development in Guangxi, the only way to make tourism sustainable is the only choice in Guangxi.

Government Department: Advocating Tourism Energy Saving and Consumption Reduction

In recent years, Guangxi has successfully created six major tourist routes: Guilin Landscape Culture Experience Tour, China-Vietnam Border Tour Secret Travel, Beibu Gulf Leisure Resort Transnational Tour, Guangxi World Longevity Town Health Tour, Guidong Clifford Thanksgiving Tour and Minority Style Tour. Let the visitors open their eyes. Guangxi has also been guided by the scientific concept of development and has achieved great success in coordinating tourism and the ecological environment.

As a government department, we should give full play to the advantages of gold tourism, combine economic goals, social goals and environmental resources protection to form a concept of balanced consideration and harmony: promote and develop more energy-saving and environmentally friendly tourism methods and tourism services; Develop tourism scenic spots; on the basis of making various tourism brands more sophisticated, the various tourist spots will be arranged in a network form to realize the transformation of tourism products from traditional sightseeing to leisure resorts, so as to reduce the amount of tourist vehicles and thus reduce carbon emission.

In this respect, Yangshuo, commonly known as "Little Guilin", has taken the lead in becoming a model. Bicycle tourism developed by Yangshuo has been popular for many years. Take a few kilometers of bicycles from the county to see the surrounding tourist attractions, from the West Street to the paradise, and then from the Butterfly Spring to the big banyan tree. Visitors enjoy the roadside pastoral scenery while enjoying the relaxed and happy sports, all the way to the song, Not only are the riders happy and happy, but even the people passing by are attracted by this lively animation. This has become a tourist feature of Yangshuo. The government departments can promote it in the whole region and it is expected to develop into a tourism feature in Guangxi. For Guangxi, it is undoubtedly a new tourism industry that combines energy saving, natural landscape characteristics and ethnic customs. way.

Travel agency: "low carbon" has always been the goal

According to the current tourism characteristics of our district, the majority of netizens have put forward many suggestions to the travel agency: in the planning of the tourist route, try to reduce the round-trip distance to reduce the carbon emissions brought by the car; try to choose low carbon emissions, ecological environment Good scenic spots are tourist attractions; environmentally friendly and energy-saving hotels are the first choice for tourists.

As a travel agency, how to make "low carbon" work? After visiting the major travel agencies in our district, most of them said that reducing the number of repeated routes and making tourists happy and satisfied has always been their goal; the current environmentally friendly and energy-saving hotel It means simpler, if they can provide tourists with satisfactory and comfortable service, they will consider the proposal of netizens. Some travel agencies have suggested that if the government can take measures to develop more tourism projects like low-carbon elements such as cycling, hiking and rock climbing, it will be very popular and they will fully support it. Let the tour guides remind you at the appropriate time: Please pay attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, and they should also be responsible.

Tourists: "low carbon" awareness with you

Nowadays, self-driving tour has gradually become the fashion of Guangxi tourism. This kind of tourism, which is considered to be economic, free and lavish, has directly led to the rapid increase of carbon emissions, causing incalculable damage to the ecological environment. With the "low-carbon tourism" red-hot network, the author found that at least 60% of the "good travelers" have changed their minds.

Ms., who loves to travel, believes that tourism is a way to achieve a healthy body and mind, to change bikes or go on a trip, cheap and body-building, and to contribute to the protection of the environment.

Some good tourists said that the convenience and freedom of self-driving tour made them feel very real. It is still difficult to change the way of travel. However, it is imperative to promote "low carbon". They will drive to tourist attractions and reach the destination. Walk or rent a bicycle to watch the sights; on weekends, go on a trip to the suburbs, put a folding bicycle in the trunk of the car, drive to the suburbs and then change the bicycle.

In order to develop low-carbon tourism, more tourists believe that we should start with some small things that we can do. For example, avoiding hot spots or over-expanded scenic spots, tourist seasons and public holidays, reducing the burden on the environment during peak season tourism. Try to streamline your luggage before you travel, and you will have less luggage. It is much more convenient when you travel, and it can also reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Some tourists said that when choosing a destination accommodation, small-scale hotels or youth hostels will be considered. Although only the most basic facilities are provided, it means less energy is consumed. If you have to choose a star-rated hotel with good service, you will bring your own toiletries. If you stay for a few days, you will not be required to change the sheets and quilts every day to develop the habit of turning off the lights and turning off the air conditioners. (Guangxi Daily)

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