The navigation of Foshan Airport means that Foshan's civil aviation industry has a new start. How will China United Airlines and Foshan Airport, which have become members of civil aviation, continue to write the legend of Foshan civil aviation development?

Looking around the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao regions, there are five modern airports in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Hong Kong and Macau. Among them, Guangzhou New Baiyun Airport is within easy reach. At the same time, news of the resumption of Huizhou Airport has been transmitted. Among them, the operation of the airport is uneven.

Military airport civil aircraft

Upon approval, only one airline of China United Airlines Co. Ltd. (China United Airlines Co. Ltd.) will exclusively operate the route at Foshan Airport. Military airports and civil aviation aircraft are the most distinctive places for the development of Foshan civil aviation compared to surrounding cities.

As the relevant person in charge of the airport said, this particularity brought "complex relationship coordination problems" to the navigation.

From the initial "119 rectification opinions" to this time, nearly 30 final rectifications, from the start of the navigation plan last year to May 1, October 1, etc., etc., the changing timetable, "the main reason is that the military airport has to be transformed. Airports that meet civil aviation standards do have a lot of work and there are relatively many uncertainties."

Then, it is still unclear how such a unique business model will affect the development and management of future routes. For example, coordination between garrison training and civil aviation operations in terms of time.

"A flight is definitely losing money"

Another key question is whether the source of Foshan Airport can be guaranteed.

At present, there are only two models of China United Airlines: Boeing 737-800, the number of passengers on the nuclear load is 164; Boeing 737-700, the nuclear load is 131. Since there is only one flight per day, this means that up to 164 people can be loaded per day. Can such passenger traffic feed airports and airlines?

In terms of passenger flow, the airport company revealed that Foshan had conducted a survey in the previous period and found that Foshan passengers accounted for a large proportion of the passenger flow in Baiyun Airport. According to statistics, the bus number of Foshan Airport in Chancheng District is about 800 passengers. But can Foshan Airport, which has only a single route in the early stage, get a few cups?

"A flight phase, the airport must be a loss, it is expected to reach about 16 flights to achieve a turnaround." Xu Yimin said that according to future development plans, it will take about two years. Earlier, it was revealed that the Yangtze River Delta routes such as Shanghai and Wuxi may be the next step in expanding the route.

Xu believes that in the future, he will also take advantage of the “home entrance” to pay attention to tourist groups and business customers.

Adjacent to the new Baiyun Airport is not disadvantageous

For the adjacent Baiyun Airport, the airport stressed that its flight is currently saturated, and Foshan Airport is just making up for it.

In terms of business expansion, Xu gave many ideas. In the future, the airport will consider introducing other airlines to lease routes on a lease basis to compensate for the lack of Chinalland's shipping capacity. Considering the future development, it may even consider developing private aircraft business. Wait.

It is reported that there are reports that in the old United Airlines era, the flight rate of each flight of Foshan Airport is about 44%, and many rely on the support of the tour group, although the fare is relatively attractive, but the flight often points.

Purchase tickets

The first flight can be bought as soon as the next month

Tickets will be sold online, and citizens can also purchase e-tickets online. China United Airlines will also sign a negotiation with the ticket agent, and the public can purchase tickets at the relevant agent. In addition, China United will also set up its own point of sale.

It is expected that citizens will be able to purchase the first flight ticket from November 10th to 12th. As for the point of sale, as the airport has not yet completed the relevant negotiations, there is no clear point of sale in the city.

The fare will not be clear until the operating permit is obtained. It is expected to be close to Baiyun Airport and will be formulated in accordance with civil aviation requirements.

What road to take: the widest airport road of Guidan Road is still to be expanded

At present, from Foshan City, Guicheng, Danzao, Shishan direction to Foshan Airport, mainly through Guidan Road or Foshan Avenue to Airport Road. After the transformation of Guidan Road, the road network is spacious and smooth, which is a good choice. The airport road is 4.5 kilometers long. It starts from Guangfo Highway in the east and ends at the Chanxi Interchange in Guidan Road in the west. The road from Guangfo Road to the airport gate is the county road, and two-way two-lane traffic. It is currently being expanded to become a two-way four-lane. Due to the narrow roads, dense traffic and poor road conditions, drivers are advised to avoid traffic during peak traffic hours.

In terms of road network connection, Chanxi Avenue is under construction and the first phase is expected to be completed in 2011.

Street sign: the five main roads are visible

The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Transportation Bureau said that the relevant parties have begun to arrange road signs for Foshan Airport, and the corners of the main roads in the five districts are marked. Such as Gaoming's Gaoming Avenue, Sanshui's 321 National Road, and Shunde's 325 National Road. In line with the airport traffic, the construction of related road networks such as Chanxi Avenue will also be accelerated. A new road from Jihua Road to Airport Road will be completed by 2011.

By car: Airport express bus and passenger shuttle bus into the terminal building

"There is only one round-trip flight in the short term, so the connection will be combined with the specific time of the flight to arrange the capacity." The relevant person in charge of the Foshan Municipal Transportation Bureau will open the airport express bus and passenger shuttle bus to the airport. The airport express bus will depart from the city bus terminal to Foshan Airport, and the passenger shuttle bus will be opened from the airport to the urban area. According to the reporter's calculation, it takes about 20 minutes from the city bus station to the terminal building without traffic jams.

Bus: stop at the bus stop and walk for 5 minutes

In terms of bus connection, the 115, 116 roads will be adjusted to stop at the Foshan Airport bus stop. It takes about 5 minutes for the public to walk to the terminal.

Parking: 45 parking spaces in the first phase

The airport has set up 45 parking spaces for taxis, private cars, etc., and long-term parking such as overnight cars will be charged according to relevant regulations. Liu Sanqin Li Rongkun

When the property market is on the airport real estate business: limited adsorption

Foshan Airport will finally officially go back on the 18th of next month. Some insiders pointed out that this will be of profound significance for accelerating Foshan's economic and social development, improving the city's taste, improving the investment environment and enhancing the competitiveness of Foshan. Among them, it is also expected to let Foshan take the "fast train" of the airport economy.

However, for the news of the Foshan Airport's go-around, real estate developers who have always liked to put "convenience" on their mouths have performed very calmly.

“In the short term, it should not have much impact on the Foshan property market.” Luo Huayue, deputy general manager of Zhongheng Haihui City at the junction of Shishan and Luo Village, believes that as a regional airport, the civilized Foshan Airport is both a flight and a traffic. It should not be very big, it is difficult to produce a strong adsorption like Baiyun Airport, so it is impossible to bring too many people or business opportunities to the region. "Of course, it will certainly have a certain boost to the property market in Luo Village, Shishan and even the surrounding areas. The transportation facilities and people flow brought by the airport will enhance the local city image and land value to a certain extent."

Judging from the development experience of domestic and foreign cities, the setting up of civil airports will generally speed up the improvement of surrounding transportation facilities and promote the accumulation of production factors such as capital, technology and manpower. At present, although there are no obvious accumulations of production factors around Foshan Airport, the surrounding transportation facilities are constantly improving. In March of this year, Luoshan Street in Nanhai District, where the Foshan Airport is located and has been eager to take the airport to fly back to the airport economy, has taken the lead in investing heavily in the improvement of the road network around the airport and the transportation connection. A series of projects, such as environmental remediation, including planning routes to and from the airport, and opening up the road network around the airport for the airport traffic “Shu Jinghuo”, promoting the greening and beautification of the surrounding environment of the airport, and river sewage interception and dredging. "The indirect impact of the Foshan Airport's go-around to the property market is far greater than the direct effect. Therefore, the short-term effect will not be obvious, but in the long run it is good." Some insiders think so.

However, for the majority of buyers, the direct impact of the airport may be greater than the indirect effect. In the interview, a citizen who was ready to buy a house expressed concern to the reporter. "Will the airport, like the train station, bring about the negative impact of law and order, noise, and the environment while bringing people flow?" A citizen who lives in Luo Village is also worried about the noise pollution caused by the increase of flights when he heard that Foshan Airport is going around.

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