From April 30 to May 2, in order to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party, Nanjing Pearl Springs and the Bo Bo Jing Theatre presented a "Red Classic Stage Concert" for the general public during May Day. This event...

From April 30 to May 2, in order to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party, Nanjing Pearl Springs and the Bo Bo Jing Theatre presented a "Red Classic Stage Concert" for the general public during May Day. In this event, there will be a large number of Peking Opera masters performing in the Pearl Springs camping area on the big stage for the tourists to perform "Red Tiger Mountain" and "Shajiabang" and other red classics, let people experience the ever-changing changes of Pearl Spring. At the same time, relive those exciting melodies.


Today, the sleeping land of Pearl Spring is once again full of vitality, and has now become a tourist resort integrating food, accommodation, leisure, and vacation. While retaining the traditional cultural heritage, it also adds a lot of interesting outdoor activities, such as barbecue, kite flying, bamboo rafting... After a hundred years of accumulation, Pearl Spring has become a long history of humanity, beautiful natural scenery and beautiful ecological environment. A comprehensive tourist resort with complete tourism service facilities, standardized tourism management and great influence. Pearl Spring has been rated as a holiday destination for tourists all year round. This is also the best gift for the 90th anniversary of the Pearl Spring Festival.


In order to allow visitors to enjoy the fruits of modern construction, they can also remember history and relive the fascinating deeds that have occurred in those years. In order to cultivate patriotism and enhance the sense of mission, responsibility and honor of young people in the new era, Pearl Spring teamed up with Beijing opera masters to create a red classic cultural feast, allowing visitors to Pearl Springs to spend a meaningful May Day holiday.


Pearl Spring not only has a static beauty - beautiful mountains and waters, but also full of dynamic beauty - a paradise for amusement, a thrilling world. The safari park is the most famous wild zoo in East China. It covers an area of ​​800 acres, including more than 200 tigers, lions and black bears. The theme of the amusement park is Oriental Oriental Disney. Each ride is a national first-class and internationally connected. The new 4D cinema allows visitors to sit on the “airport” and feel the thrill and passion of the film. In addition, in the blue waters of Jingshan Lake, bamboo rafting is a major feature of Pearl Spring, especially popular among many young people. Many people even said that not playing bamboo poles means not going to Pearl Springs. According to the 10,000-meter Great Wall formed by the Great Wall of Beijing Badaling 1:1, it is even more so that the general public can round out the "good dreams" without going far away from the border areas of the North.


Heroes such as "Yang Zirong", "Aqing" and "Li Yuhe" walked into Pearl Spring and shared the May Day holiday with tourists, so that everyone can enjoy patriotism education while enjoying a good life. For Pearl Spring, this time, the combination of nature's “green tourism” and the stirring of people's “red tourism” will be combined to stimulate the patriotic enthusiasm of the people and activate the tourism consumer market through the colorful tourism life. A new chapter also gave a big gift to the party’s 90th anniversary.


Zhou Yaping, deputy director of the Management Committee of Nanjing Pearl Spring Tourism Resort, told reporters that in order to welcome the May Day holiday, Pearl Spring has completed the safety inspection of the National Recreation Facility Inspection Center in April. Pearl Springs Leisure Resort is a warm welcome to visitors.

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