The beauty of the Daocheng Yading Daocheng Daocheng is magnified after a painful horseback trip. Everyone will shine when they go to the ancient temple. Here, they walk through the long and narrow road...


Wandering in Daocheng·Aden


The beauty of Daocheng is magnified after a painful horseback trip. Everyone will shine when they go to the ancient temple. Here, they walk through the narrow road and suddenly open up. The water flowing down from the snow mountain becomes another one. The shape, the water is very shaped and flows slowly in several big bends. Some big yaks eat fresh grass on the wet grass, and three snow mountains are presented in front of you at the same time. Can be a silent shock.

I am a person in Daocheng. I have met many friends here. After we climbed Haizishan, we are destined to have a lifelong friendship. I miss the feeling too much. In the state of low altitude oxygen, Everyone encouraged each other, and finally I shouted the six-word mantra when I was near the highest peak. We looked at each other. The joy of joy made us hug each other. At the height of more than 5,000 meters, the clouds were in a hurry. The change, the color of Haizi is changing, we seem to be a god, our body does not move, but our heart is moving.

In Chonggu Temple, I will never forget an old horn. He is very peaceful. When the cloud blocks the snowy mountains, he comforts us and says, "Don’t worry." When we wait for the snow mountain, when there is any uneasiness on the face, he will To say this to us, "Don’t worry." In the few hours I spent with him, I found that he only spoke this Chinese, and when they listened, these four words became the most classic. The verses, and when we met the rare big step on the way back to Zhongdian in Daocheng, we were also calmly facing, which later became the favorite of these people who met us on the Internet, and we The understanding of this sentence is of course more profound than others. Life is not like this. "Don't worry" is now a phrase that I often whisper to myself in the life of floating bath.

Life is a ring-and-loop. In the days of Daocheng, I personally want to forget some emotional things and go to Daocheng alone. I don’t know that I can actually forget it in Daocheng. Thank you, Daocheng, thank you. A friend who met in Daocheng.

I always wanted to go to Daocheng again. At that time, what would I forget about?


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