First, the current packing single 5, in addition to the dock, ship, delivery warehouse, tally one each, in addition, one copy in the hands of the ship as a basis for investigation. If they are not standardized, they will not only damage the external image of the cargo owners, but also affect the transfer of ships abroad (the shipping and shipping companies will issue bills of lading based on the receipt on the stack).

Second, the packing list of each recommended content must be correct. In particular, the name, quantity, quantity, weight, etc., must be consistent with the actual object. Otherwise, once it is verified by foreign seas, it will punish smuggled goods, but it will be responsible for accountability. In China, once it is found that it is not light enough to be exported in a timely manner, it is also important to investigate the responsibility and remove the packing point.

Third, after packing, the actual packing quantity, number of pieces, gross weight, size, etc., and the original provisions of the overflow, in addition to the vehicle on the packing list to correct, the owner must be described at the fastest speed, in order to other The relevant units lose their registration and change procedures.

4. According to the Customs regulations, the change procedures shall be handled on-site within 3 working days after the departure of the ship, and the rate of change shall not exceed 5%; and the quotas, etc. relating to licenses and quotas shall be supplemented. Exceeding the timeliness, it is necessary to go through the general level and pay a penalty fee.

Data changes need to be accompanied by:

1, manifest change orders;

2, export declarations;

3, a copy of the bill of lading copy;

4, packing list;

5. Copy of the station receipt (Huang Lian);

6. Other documents required by the customs.

V. The Customs pre-registers the contents according to the customs declaration and checks with the electronic manifest provided by the tally company or the shipping company. The contents can be agreed upon and the tax refund verification forms are also delivered to the owner. On the contrary, it cannot be closed. The data on the cargo manifesting list is based on the packing list provided by the packing point. Therefore, it is very important to properly assemble packing lists.

In addition to grasping the quality of its own documents, shippers must regularly inspect supervisors at various packing points to help them supervise and identify problems and correct them in a timely manner. On the other hand, the salesman should strive to be correct and not to make mistakes when consigning.

Sea Freight to Middle East/India/Pakistan

Sea Freight to Middle East/India/Pakistan
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