[May Point Network] Shanxi coal resource integration is nearing completion, and about 140 billion yuan of funds are flowing out of the coal industry. Yesterday, the provincial coal coke enterprise and cultural tourism project fair was held, 12 coal in the province...

[May Point Network] Shanxi coal resource integration is nearing completion, and about 140 billion yuan of funds are flowing out of the coal industry. Yesterday, the provincial coal coke enterprise and cultural tourism project fair was held, and 12 coal char enterprises in the province were connected with 272 cultural tourism projects.

Market "hotline"

When the “coal bosses” are looking for new projects, investing in the cultural tourism industry is undoubtedly a good way out. Our province is rich in cultural tourism resources and has great potential for development. In 2009, under the impact of the financial crisis, the traditional industries such as coal coke iron in the province were seriously affected, but the cultural tourism industry grew against the trend and developed rapidly. The province's cultural tourism industry has contributed more to GDP than the real estate industry and the banking industry.

Coal-job enterprises invest in the cultural tourism industry, and the province has successful examples. The three-good coalification in the coal-coking industry began to invest in Mianshan in 1995. Now it receives more than 1 million tourists every year, with an income of nearly 200 million yuan, and the revenue of light tickets is tens of millions of yuan. In addition, Huangcheng Xiangfu is also an example of coal-job companies successfully investing in tourism. There are many cultural tourism projects like Mianshan and Huangcheng Xiangfu in the province. Most of these highly promising cultural tourism projects have been delayed due to lack of funds. They urgently need private capital injection and increase vitality...

At yesterday's meeting, 32 cultural tourism projects such as “Jujube”, Tianlongshan National Forest Park, Zhangzhou Drum, Cartoon “Daily Health” and Shuimotou Fishing Town were selected as the key targets for introduction. The development of their respective projects.

Fanatic "behind"

Wang Qinan is the head of the Zhangzhou Drum Art Troupe. At the fair, the project he promoted was the Yinzhou drum music. Wang Qinan said that his drum band was established in 1988 and performed in more than ten countries including the United States, Japan, and Austria, and received great response. "When performing abroad, the audience is full of enthusiasm. The audience is very enthusiastic. Some viewers take off their shoes and dance on the drums. The enthusiasm of the audience will only appear during the football match. During the tour abroad, including the Queen of England. The foreign capital of the capital has seen our performances, and the drums in Zhangzhou are very popular in foreign countries."

Cangzhou Drum Music has been well received by overseas, but Wang Qin’s Cangzhou Drum Art Troupe has never been able to make great strides in commercialization. He said that foreign tours are mostly government and non-government organizations. If invited by foreign commercial organizations, it is difficult to make a trip. Like the Golden Hall of Austria, he invited his drum art troupe to perform four times, but all of them fell through. "The lack of funds is the main reason. In foreign countries, we have to wait until the end of the performance, we can get the performance fee. In the early stage, more than 40 actors spent 2 million yuan on planes, accommodation, renting venues, etc. The drum band could not afford it. Our drum band is a cultural unit, there is no collateral, and it will not lend. The drum band relies on high-profit loans and falls into a vicious circle."

Wang Qinan said that every year his drum orchestra can only play more than a dozen games abroad. If the financial problems are solved, there is no problem in going abroad to play more than one hundred games a year.

Look at the "fishing township"

The project promoted by Huang Yunzhen from Jinzhong is Shuimotou Fishing Town. “There is a beautiful scenery in the hometown, three rivers are collected, and the water quality has been identified. It is a high-quality mineral water.” She said that since the operation of the scenic spot in 2008, it has received good economic benefits. However, with the increasing number of tourists, the scenic area is facing the problem of inadequate facilities. When a large group of more than 200 tourists is encountered, the accommodation of the guests becomes a problem. "We also plan to build a water park this year, and investors need to cooperate with us." Huang Yunzhen pointed to a large real map.

The fair undoubtedly brought an opportunity to Huang Yunzhen. After listening to her introduction, several coal coke enterprises in the province expressed strong interest in Shuimotou fishing village. Shanxi Hongfa Investment Co., Ltd. is one of them. Hongfa Investment was established last year. Its predecessor was a coal coke enterprise that has been in business for more than ten years. The company's Corning said that the water quality of Shuimotou fishing town is excellent, benefiting from water, the local people generally live longevity, and also breeding rainbow trout, Chinese sturgeon Waiting for fish, such a place is rare in the province and has investment value. “Huang Yunzhen’s proposal is that it is entirely possible to make the hometown a national 4A-level scenic spot in the next few years.”

In fact, Hongfa Investment has more than one project to watch this time. According to Corning, after negotiating with the person in charge of the project, the company has a total of five projects. The partners have two animation companies in the high-tech zone, one TV drama party and two scenic spots. After investigation, the company is optimistic about the cultural tourism industry, and believes that this industry has a bright future in the province. Corning said: "In the past, we did coal char, which was considered to be the rice bowl for the offspring, and the development of the cultural tourism industry was to leave behind for the children." (Taiyuan Evening News)

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