Civil Aviation Resource Network March 7, 2007 News: I bought two tickets from Shenyang to Sanya at 7:35 on March 6, (Spring Airlines) flight 9C8848. However, due to the violent snowstorm in Liaoning, buses, long-distance passengers and trains have not yet opened, and my family is in Panjin, and now it is impossible to reach Shenyang Taoxian Airport.

From yesterday to now, I have contacted Taoxian Airport and this flight headquarters (Shanghai) many times. I have no clear answer to the request for a change or refund. It is not until 16 o'clock that the answer is: neither change nor refund. I think this is a special situation caused by natural disasters, which I can't solve personally. Of course, I also understand and respect the normal rules of the airline. However, airlines should be considerate of the special circumstances caused by such special disasters, and accordingly make a special provision to reflect Spring Airlines' love for passengers and the creation of social harmony, in order to win the love and trust of the majority of passengers.

Panjin is not able to get to the airport for more than 150 kilometers from the airport. I really can't get to the airport. After contacting the expressway department and the long passenger station, the answer is that it may be open to traffic after 9:00 tomorrow, but this does not mean anything to me! What should I do? Can you give a reply?

I don't want to complain about Spring Airlines, but I think this is a catastrophic storm that only happened in more than 50 years. It should be handled specially in special circumstances. Only then can I write this letter to explain the situation.

(Editor's Note: This article does not represent the position of the Civil Aviation Resource Network.)

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