Sina Technology News November 16 afternoon news, Baidu in the recent focus on combating illegal medical promotion group actions have made new progress. The person in charge of Baidu's sales and supervision department revealed that thousands of diseases and pharmaceuticals core keywords were forbidden by Baidu for promotion.

“Restricting the promotion and delivery of such keywords has started since two or three years ago. After being continuously supplemented and improved, the core keywords of medicines that have a high risk of fraud and may threaten people’s health and interests have basically been included in the prohibition of promotion. Blacklist, said the person in charge.

According to its introduction, there are thousands of pharmaceutical keywords that do not have commercial promotion information when searching. Each core word also includes variant words, typos, Hanyu Pinyin, and phrases that contain core words. These keywords add up to a total of more than several hundred thousand. "There are many variants of keywords, and we must continue to learn and explore and improve the work in this area." Currently, Baidu prohibits the promotion of pharmaceutical keywords include the following categories, one is cancer, hypertension, diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases, etc. Names of major diseases; Second, popular treatment keywords such as prescriptions, secret prescriptions, radical cures, and cures; third, prescription drug names such as sleeping pills and hypnotics; and fourth, names of counterfeit medicines and false publicity drugs recognized by the state; Surrogacy, gender control, organ trading, etc. are prohibited by law; sixth is the names of pharmaceutical intermediates such as ephedrine and ephedrine. In addition, keywords concerning the acquisition of medical waste products and the sale and purchase of hospital waste are also on the list of prohibited products.

The person in charge of Baidu's sales and supervision department stated: "The pharmaceutical industry is a serious area of ​​false network information. Here we also remind the majority of Internet users to be vigilant and guard against being deceived. If a user discovers a third-party website through Baidu search, there is illegal drug promotion. Information on hospital promotion can also be reported to us via the complaint channel on the website.” CCTV “News 30” program in 2008 reported for two consecutive days that Baidu’s promotion results contained fake pharmaceutical advertisements. In three days, Baidu’s share price was from USD 178. It fell sharply to 110 US dollars, a drop of nearly 40%.

It is worth noting that according to Baidu’s 2010 disclosure, pharmaceutical advertising accounted for the largest proportion of Baidu’s advertising revenue, and mechanical equipment, education, franchising, and electronic products constituted the top five sources of Baidu’s advertising revenue. (Ai Orange)


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