[May Point Network] Take the bus, free! Take the subway, free! The Guangzhou City Government's Asian Games package really makes everyone marvel! Just transportation, it means that within 30 free days, if you take a wide...

[May Point Network] Take the bus, free! Take the subway, free! The Guangzhou City Government's Asian Games package really makes everyone marvel! Just transportation, it means that within 30 free days, if you take Guangzhou public transportation To the tourist destinations where buses and subways can reach, the transportation fee will drop to zero! What's more, before the Asian Games, there will be all the passengers' automatic transportation systems of Lines 1-5, 8 and APM Zhujiang New City in Guangzhou. Guangzhou's east and west!

Free transportation time:

During the period from November 1st to December 21st, after 13 weekends and 3 days of new holidays, there will be 30 working days. All citizens will enjoy free public transportation services including subway and public transportation.

Free transportation area:

In addition to the six old towns during the Asian Games, Panyu, Huadu, Luogang, Nansha, Zengcheng and Conghua Districts are free.

Guangzhou: Sky Blue, Shuiqing, Chengmei, Luchang, and the new Guangzhou that has experienced butterfly changes makes us proud. In the new central axis of the city, from “smooth double gravel” to “moonlight treasure box”, from “transparent crystal” to Dina “small waist”, we feel the daily changes of Guangzhou city and appreciate the new Guangzhou. Infinite charm! So attractive, not fast to play the small abacus, and take advantage of the Asian Games to travel free. How to swim the most savvy? Of course, it is the convenience of public transportation, take the "outer" of Guangzhou public transportation to go to the distant scenery, Sohu netizens summed up the most cost-effective "0 plan" travel plan fresh Baked!

The most worthwhile free attractions during the Asian Games:

New TV Tower: Slim and gentle "small waist"

Boarded the "world's tallest tower" with a total height of 600 meters. Large public comprehensive facilities with sightseeing, radio and television broadcasting, and cultural and entertainment functions. On the high point, you can clearly see the “new central axis” of Guangzhou city, and a vibrant and prosperous modern metropolis will have a panoramic view. The 450-meter tower is used as an aerial viewing plaza. It has installed 16 high-altitude viewing cabins. It can accommodate up to 6 tourists per cabin. It takes about 20 minutes around the top of the tower to make it easier to overlook the panoramic view of Guangzhou. 376~450 meters is Radio and television transmitter room, double-story rotating restaurant and viewing hall of about 1900 square meters; 334~355 meters for air tea room and equipment room; 147~168 meters for tourist attractions and leisure areas; 84~116 meters for special effects movies and High-tech recreation area; below 32 meters is the ceremonial hall and multi-purpose hall.

Tickets: Tickets for 32 floors (162.8 meters) are 50/persons, 66 floors (339.6 meters) are 100/persons, and tickets for the 84th floor (433.2 meters) of the highest part of the main body are 150 yuan/ People

Venue: Zhongyiyuan Road, Xingang, Haizhu District, Guangzhou

How to get there: The public only needs to take Line 3 to Chigang Tower Station, exit by Exit B and go 200 meters to the east.

Currently it is most convenient to go to the Guangzhou Tower subway. The public only needs to take the No. 3 line to Chigang Tower Station, exit by B, go 200 meters to the east (if you can't tell the direction of the TV tower in the southeast and northwest), you can find the ticket office. The original subway No. 3 The line has an exit directly to the TV tower ticket office, but since this exit is connected to the Zhujiang New Town MRT line, it has not yet been opened.

The bus lines to the new TV tower have a total of 5 lines of 121, 121A, 204, 131, 131A, 131B. Passengers can get off at Chigangta Station, but after the reporter experienced, the bus station was set too far away from the ticket office. It is about 400 meters to get there.

Driving a private car to go to the underground parking lot is unclear and easy to miss. It is also very time consuming to move from the parking lot to the ticket office, as many of the exits are temporarily not activated.

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