Some people commented that Zhangjiajie is not good at "travel marketing games." Last year, a movie "Avatar" made the mountains and rivers here take advantage of the popularity, which led to "Pandora too far, Zhangjiajie...

Some people commented that Zhangjiajie is not good at "travel marketing games." Last year, a movie "Avatar" made the landscape here rich and popular, and the "Pandora is too far, Zhangjiajie is very close" slogan was also called the classic marketing word of contemporary tourism.

This year, Zhangjiajie sang a "tourism marketing drama". The Zhangjiajie Baofeng Lake Scenic Area played the "Air Sister" marketing card, and sent the natural and pure air of Zhangjiajie to all parts of the country, igniting the fresh and romantic of the first half of the year. Air journey." On July 4, the latest data from Wulingyuan District Tourism Bureau showed that from January to June, Baofeng Lake Scenic Area received a total of 234,000 Chinese and foreign tourists, a year-on-year increase of nearly 10%, including 26% of the “Air Sister”. about.

"Do not destroy vegetation, do not litter, do not disturb wild animals..." In March this year, "Air Sister" from Baofeng Lake Scenic Area joined hands with the Asian Games "Smile Sister" to jointly issue an environmental tourism declaration in Guangzhou to the citizens of Guangzhou The “Zhangjiajie Air Bottle” with a negative oxygen ion content of more than 140,000 per cubic centimeter in Baofeng Lake Scenic Area was presented, which opened the prelude of “Air Sister” from the sea to the Changzhou Land to promote the “Air Journey” . After more than a month, “Sister of the Air” moved to Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou and other cities to promote environmental tourism, and jointly advocated the concept of focusing on air and protecting the environment. At the same time, "Sister of the Air" Liu Mengyu also went to Taiwan, and brought the purest air of the motherland. He invited Taiwan compatriots to Zhangjiajie to experience the charm of the "air journey" of environmental protection.

What makes people feel "unbelievable" is that in May, the large outdoor extreme challenge - "Extraordinary Suffocation" of the Super League series live event was held in Baofeng Lake. The organizers deliberately declared the "Maximum Final PK Competition" before the game. The prize is a Zhangjiajie 'Air Sister' who can sing and dance, pure and lovely. This ridiculous prize has become a hot topic in the world for a time. The "air sister" and "air journey" have spread like a stone.

The major travel agencies used this as a highlight, and they seized a series of boutique travel routes such as “Looking at Hallelujah Mountain and experiencing Avatar Tour; Touring Baofeng Lake, Experiencing Air Journey”, which was widely favored by Chinese and foreign tourists. According to statistics, from January to June, Baofeng Lake Scenic Area received more than 3,500 Korean guests. Many tourists commented: "The Baofeng Lake Scenic Area has excellent ecological environment, lush vegetation, and the negative oxygen ion content in the air is as high as 140,000 per cubic centimeter. It is the best place for leisure, vacation, summer vacation and recuperation."

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