Civil Aviation Resource Network May 30, 2006 News: Let us first take a look at the news of private aviation:

East Star Airlines was banned this week with the latest progress. Last week, there was a fierce confrontation between East Star and several airlines. At the beginning of this week, it was the success of the maiden voyage of the East Star and the ban on the ban. It is possible to make a private message, and it is difficult to judge for a time. For the ban, eight airlines still have not made a clear statement. The attitude of East Star Airlines Chairman Lan Shili is not as resolute as last week, but only told reporters that "it is still the case, the relevant departments have been involved in the investigation." On May 24, four major bans were imposed to curb the flight information of Dongxing, which stopped the ticketing information and stopped the ticket to East Star. HNA and China Southern Airlines have successively provided tickets to East Star. From this point, it can be seen that the "dark war" caused by the first low-cost tour of East Star Airlines has gradually subsided. However, the incident of the East Star was not just a simple competition between the same industry. In fact, it is not the first time that private aviation has been boycotted by the market. Behind the boycott, in addition to conflicts of interest and vicious competition in the market, the use of the sales system to pressure agents, prohibiting the sale of "latecomers" tickets becomes a viable means. The joint airlines of other airlines have combined to block East Star Airlines. It is only after the arrival of East Star Airlines, the ticket prices of Wuhan Fei Shenzhen and Guangzhou immediately “diving”. In fact, East Star Airlines is not completely playing cheap cards. For example, now East Star Airlines is priced at 5.5 percent in the Shenzhen market, which is no cheaper than other airlines. East Star Group’s parent company, East Star Group President Lan Shili has repeatedly said that East Star is flying a brand new aircraft, internal With a comfortable environment and excellent air service, East Star Airlines will never play the "cheap airline" card.

In the spring and autumn aviation, in the case of high cost of jet fuel, the airlines in the spring and autumn of January to April achieved a meager profit. In spite of the harsh environment in which jet fuel prices have risen repeatedly, Spring Airlines has achieved a meager profit margin in the first four months of this year, and has shipped 500,000 passengers since its launch last year. “Because the first quarter is often the season of the market's lowest fascination, it is expected that the next eight months will be more optimistic. In addition, Spring Airlines is currently in contact with several world-renowned investment banks to participate in the Spring Airlines program, and its largest It may be listed in Hong Kong. It is understood that according to the regulations of relevant departments, Spring Airlines needs to operate for 3 years before it can be listed. Spring Airlines said that preparations for listing are now starting to be prepared, including the current Spring Airlines is gradually becoming financially transparent. In the aspect of attracting capital, Spring Airlines has been actively engaging with several well-known international investment banks, as the investment of well-known investment banks will increase the price-earnings ratio of Spring Airlines' future listings, and will also benefit its then. Listing packaging.

Followed by other major airlines in air and air cargo:

After four years of news about Air China joining the aviation alliance, the dust finally settled. On May 22, Air China announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to join the Star Alliance with the Star Alliance, the world's largest aviation alliance. In this way, Air China will join the Star Alliance in a short period of time. Air China Chairman Li Jiaxiang said that joining Star Alliance can save airlines' costs and improve efficiency and efficiency.

China International Cargo Airlines Co., Ltd. and China Cargo Airlines Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong's Dragonair Co., Ltd., the two largest air cargo companies in China, will soon be merged into one, spanning Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, with strength in China. First, the world's top five air cargo "big Mac". The "triangular" merger of Air China Cargo, China Cargo Airlines and Dragonair is the first step in the operational phase of the restructuring of the aviation industry. After that, a large-scale restructuring involving more airlines and more complicated situations will emerge. The industry structure that China's air transport industry has maintained for nearly 20 years will be completely changed. On May 20th, the first Sino-foreign joint venture cargo airline, Jade International Cargo Airlines Co., Ltd., reported that the preparatory work has been basically completed and will fly first around July this year. At present, the company has applied to the Civil Aviation Administration for the opening of three international routes from Shenzhen to Brescia (Italy), Seoul and Delhi. Because of the “support” of its shareholders, the global air cargo giant Lufthansa, Jade Cargo Airlines “has not come” – clearly stated that it is to be a “one brother” in the Chinese cargo aviation market. Of course, other airlines will not sit and wait. For example, China Southern Airlines is in contact with China Airlines to establish a joint-venture cargo airline. From the end of last year, China Southern Airlines began to contact China Airlines. Although it has just invested in Hainan's Yangzijiang freight, it does not meet the needs of China Airlines to expand the market; and China Airlines' large cargo aircraft fleet and global air cargo network are also what China Southern is looking forward to. It is understood that China Southern Airlines currently has only two full cargo planes, barely maintaining the revenue and expenditure of freight.

Oil price:

The rise in oil prices this week has once again become an unavoidable event. On May 24, the National Development and Reform Commission announced that aviation fuel will increase by 500 yuan/ton on the basis of the current price! For the airlines in trouble, it is undoubtedly worse. Domestic airlines have once again "united" and hope to raise the fuel surcharge for passenger transportation on civil aviation domestic routes to reduce their own costs. The three major airlines hope to levy a standard of 50 yuan within 800 kilometers and 100 yuan over 800 kilometers. However, only by increasing the fuel surcharge can the operating cost be reduced? On the one hand, there is a fuel surcharge for increasing income, and on the other hand, it is a discount on air tickets. The strange phenomenon in the Chinese civil aviation market is worrying. As an insider of the National Development and Reform Commission said, "Airline may wish to apply the energy of adding fuel surcharges to marketing. The healthy competition in the Chinese civil aviation market is the panacea for curing airline losses."

Hong Kong and Macao:

Hong Kong Dragonair's passenger load in April hit another record high. In April this year, due to the Easter holiday, May 1 Golden Week and Hong Kong's recent large-scale exhibitions, the number of passengers increased, and Dragonair's passenger capacity reached a new high. In April, Dragonair had a total of 481,327 passengers, an increase of 11.5% over the same month last year. It was also 1.5% more than the previous month's record of 474,047 passengers recorded in October last year. With the increase in Macau's foreign routes in recent years and the increase in the number of visitors to Australia and the number of visitors, the number of Macao visitors in the first quarter has increased by nearly 30% compared with the same period last year. In the month of April, the number of aircraft moving up and down the airport reached 4,490 vehicles, and the total number of passengers received reached 413,550. This was the highest monthly record since the airport operation. Another good news for the Macau airport is the “Global Air Cargo Excellence Award” recently won by the Asia Pacific Aviation Center after the “CAPA 2004 Asia Pacific Best Airport Award”. The “International Air Cargo Excellence Award” won by the Macau International Airport. "This is a new award established last year. This year is the second year. It is given by the airlines and freight forwarders who use the airport, according to the four service indicators of the airport's overall freight performance, value, facilities and operation management. One to five points, and in the airport processing capacity with a one-hundred-point average, the Macau International Airport has an annual cargo throughput of less than 499,999 tons in Asia and the Middle East. , all performances can exceed the average and get a score of 108 points, won the "Global Air Cargo Excellence Award"

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