Beijing Shichahai Area [Maidian Net] Shicha Sea Area refers to the range of 146.7 hectares in Qianhai, Houhai and Xihai and its surrounding areas. It is named after Shichahai, and its four to the extent is Shichahai...


Beijing Shichahai Area

[Mide Point Network] Shicha Sea Area refers to the area of ​​146.7 hectares in Qianhai, Houhai and Xihai and its surrounding areas. It is named after Shichahai. The four to the scope is generally located in the northwest part of the central axis of Beijing urban area. On the north side of the main street; south from Di'anmen West Street to the west to Longtou to Liuyin Street, Yangfang Hutong, Xinjiekou East Street to Xinjiekou North Street, West from Xinjiekou North Street to the north The intersection of the street mouth; north from the Xinjiekou gap to the east to Deshengmen, from Deshengmen along the Gulou West Street to the bell and drum tower. The area of ​​the three seas in the scenic area reaches 33.6 hectares (about 23% of the total area).

The historical and cultural heritage of Shicha Seaview Area is profound, with more than 40 cultural relics protection units, accounting for more than one-third of Xicheng District. In the history, there have been more than 30 temples, temples, and temples in the area. There are still more than 10 places. Many ancient buildings in Shichahai Sea Area occupy an important position in the history of urban construction and political and cultural history in Beijing. The main representatives are Gongwang Palace and Garden, Former Residence of Soong Ching Ling, Alcohol Palace, Guo Moruo Memorial Hall, Bell and Drum Tower, Deshengmen Arrow Tower, Guanghua Temple. Huitong Temple and Huixian Hall.


West Lake, Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Hangzhou West Lake is a national-level scenic spot that blends the beautiful and elegant lakes and mountains with the rich cultural relics and cultures. She is centered on the beautiful West Lake, surrounded by Yunshan, with a clear water area of ​​60 square kilometers, of which the lake surface is 5.68 square kilometers. Surrounded by the greenery of the lake, the mountains are lush, the bridges are painted with willows, the clouds are covered with clouds, and between the mountains, the forests are beautiful, and the streams are deep. Among the more than 90 unique parks and scenic spots, there are Sanqiu Guizi, Liuqiao Yanliu, Jiuliyunsong, Shilihehua, more famous “West Lake Ten Scenes” and more than ten places that have been built and opened in recent years. The new scenic spots feature the West Lake as a colorful garland, giving it a beautiful view in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

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